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The key to increasing retail sales: your team

We’ve been hearing some things out there. “Amazon is killing retail.” “No one’s shopping at brick and mortar stores.” “How am I supposed to sell retail like I used to when it feels like a struggle?” So we went to an expert to get some answers for you. Enter our Keynote Speaker for PowerUp 2018,… Read more »


Increase Your Holiday Online Sales

We have to admit, it can be strange thinking about the Holidays when you haven’t even purchased Halloween candy! Every little bit you can do now will make life so much easier in late November. We’ve interviewed our team of expert educators and have compiled our team’s top 10 favorite tips to maximize your online… Read more »


One Simple Change to Boost Your Bottom Line

Poring over line items to make cuts in a budget is tedious, stressful and time consuming. But as every small business owner knows, it’s also necessary. And if you’re looking at making staff changes, it can be downright painful. But Jim Pacifico, founder of World Class Financial Services, says there’s one item that’s simple and… Read more »