Multi-Location Salon Software & Spa Management

SalonBiz software grows with you as the size or number of locations of your salon or spa change.

Share Across Multi-Location

Centralized Data

A centralized database provides easy access to information. Clients have one profile with their color formulas, gift cards, memberships, and purchase history available from any location on any device. Create an elevated guest experience by effortlessly booking across all salons, even when you or your clients aren’t physically there.

Simple and Shared

Manage Your Info

Streamline operations with shared data points including your service menu, the products you sell, and your staff schedules. Manage all your data at a high level to create consistency across your brand.

Multi-Location Business Opportunities

Pulse on Performance

SalonBiz offers the most powerful salon software reporting in the industry, including a robust consolidated solution that allows you to easily view multiple location performance. Our go-to Daily Summary report makes your growth proactive, and a daily habit. Track gift card balances, purchases, and redemption across all locations through one easy-to-read report.

Top Salons Choose SalonBiz

SalonBiz Point of Sale is designed to help you manage your salon or spa with ease. Here are some of the top tools that make your job easier and salon more profitable.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of your products and supplies with ease and get alerts when stock levels are low from any device using our Stylist App.

Payment Processing

Accept payments from multiple sources, including credit cards, gift cards, and in-person transactions, with secure processing.

Customizable Reporting

Get detailed insights into your business performance through customizable reports to make data-informed decisions.

Easy Checkout Process

Simplify the process with intuitive, touch-friendly interfaces that make it easy for your clients to pay and checkout.

Custom Pricing

The SalonBiz POS system easily enables flexible pricing so you always charge the right price for your services.

Online Payments

Offer convenient payment options for your guests—like online booking and easy checkout from any device.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Salon Multi-Location Software

Our multi-location salon software is designed to streamline the process of managing multiple locations by providing an all-in-one solution with all the info and features you need in one convenient place. This includes staff management features, online booking, centralized reporting, and more, making it easier for salon owners to oversee their entire enterprise.

Yes, SalonBiz salon software is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of both single and multi-location salons. It offers advanced features that enable salon owners to easily manage appointments, retail sales, and staff across one or multiple locations.

Our salon software includes a range of staff management features, such as scheduling, payroll, performance tracking, and role-based access control. These tools make it easy for salon owners to effectively manage their team members across all locations.

Yes, the SalonBiz online booking feature allows clients to book appointments at any of your salon locations. They can choose their preferred location, service, and staff member, ensuring a seamless booking experience.

SalonBiz helps salon groups grow by providing tools to manage appointments, retail sales, and staff across all locations. Additionally, it includes email marketing and reputation management features that help attract new clients and retain existing ones, contributing to overall business growth.

Yes, our multi-location salon software includes a comprehensive point of sale system that supports individual salons as well as the entire enterprises. Manage transactions, inventory, and customer data across all locations with ease.

Our salon software allows you to customize the business experience for each location while ensuring brand consistency. Tailor services, promotions, and staff profiles to suit the unique needs of individual salons while maintaining a cohesive online reputation and marketing strategy.