Multi-Location Salon & Spa Management

SalonBiz software grows with you as the size or number of locations of your salon or spa change.

Share Across Multi-Location

Centralized Data

A centralized database provides easy access to information. Clients have one profile with their color formulas, gift cards, memberships, and purchase history available from any location, on any device. Create a convenient guest experience by effortlessly booking across all salons, even if you or your clients aren’t physically there.

Simple and Shared

Manage Your Info

Streamline operations with shared data points including your service menu, the products you sell, and your staff schedules. Manage all these files at a high level so you can create consistency across your brand.

MULTI-LOCATION Business Opportunities

Pulse on Performance

SalonBiz offers the most powerful salon software reporting in the industry, including a robust consolidated solution that allows you to easily view multiple location performance. Our go-to Daily Summary report makes your growth proactive, and a daily habit. Track gift card balances, purchases, and redemption across all locations through one easy-to-read report.