Made To Be Mobile

Break free from the front desk and reimagine your guest flow. Technology puts the information you need in the palm of your hands, so you create an amazing experience with your focus on the guest while eliminating unnecessary touchpoints.

Streamlined Solutions

Prevent Bottleneck

Use cutting-edge technology to streamline processes for a more profitable bottom line. Guests can check in from anywhere, and you’ll get your team out from behind the desk and onto the floor to sell products and answer guest questions.

Free the Front Desk

Personalized Experience

When you increase portability, you increase profitability. Using the iPad app, your team can bring the tablet to the chair while color is processing or while they’re finishing up. With easy access to history, recommendations and formulas, your staff has all the information they need to have effective consultations, rebook, and add notes for upcoming appointments.

Ultimate Flexibility

Seamless Visit

Meet clients wherever they are: curbside, chair-side, in their car, or at a kiosk. Say goodbye to printed paper waste, since staff can easily update tickets with add-on services, retail items or sell gift cards from anywhere, clients can simply swipe and go.

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SalonBiz Features

Features Available in SalonBiz Benefits for Salon Owners
Real-time Dashboard and forecasting ✔️ Enhances business management and decision-making through data insights.
Loyalty Programs ✔️ Retain more customers and encourage repeat visits with customized loyalty rewards.
Full Marketing Suite ✔️ Utilize comprehensive marketing tools to attract new clients and increase bookings.
Appointment Reminders & Confirmations ✔️ Reduce no-shows and streamline processes with automated reminders.
Online Booking ✔️ Allow clients to book appointments online anytime, increasing convenience and accessibility.
Inventory ✔️ Efficiently manage stock levels and reduce waste, saving time and money.
Reporting & Insights ✔️ Gain valuable insights into your business performance to make informed decisions.
AVEDA ✔️ Integrate AVEDA services seamlessly into your salon operations.
Unlimited Texting ✔️ Maintain constant communication with clients to improve their experience.
Payments ✔️ Simplify transactions and improve cash flow with integrated payment solutions.
Consumer App ✔️ Offer clients a convenient mobile device app to book appointments online and manage their bookings.
Stylist App ✔️ Enable staff to manage their schedules and upcoming appointments efficiently on a mobile device.