Powerhouse Reporting

SalonBiz gives you full access to consolidated reporting with detailed performance metrics and the financial reports you need to monitor your business.

Real-Time Reporting

Measure What Matters

Gain insights with robust reporting and information at your fingertips. Reports provide drill-down visibility to key performance indicators so you can easily see which metrics are impacting your bottom line.

Obsessed With Growth

Collaborate and Vision

SalonBiz reporting tools are the go-to for owners coaching for the future, recommended by top manufacturers who know that smart monitoring makes all the difference in business success. Traditional reporting and mobile benchmarks drive the right behavior at the right moment.

Remote Control

Run Reports from Anywhere

Measure results and identify opportunities from the office, the beach, or the couch. No matter where you are, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to crush your goals. Our reports cover everything from sales, productivity, and inventory to marketing ROI, client behavior, future revenue predictions, and so much more.