Aveda Salons & Spas

SalonBiz salon software is built to support Aveda best practices, with all the features and reports you need to boost retail and rock your RPST.

Support Sell Through

Measure Your Success

We have all the reports you need for coaching and monitoring performance, including Aveda Benchmarks for client retention, pre-booked appointments, specific product tracking, and much more.

Loaded and Ready

Stress-Free Inventory

SalonBiz comes preloaded with everything Aveda you’ll use, sell, and order. SalonBiz automatically adjusts your inventory based on sales, so when something is flying off the shelves you won’t be caught without stock. SalonBiz takes care of Aveda price changes behind the scenes, so you never have to think about it. When you’re ready to order, effortlessly create and electronically submit to your distributor with Aveda Empowered Ordering. 

Relationships Matter

Aveda Plus Rewards Integration

Our Aveda Plus Rewards integration is going to change your life. Full enrollment right in SalonBiz means we’ve eliminated the headache of separate systems, making it easier than ever to join. You have access to the global member lookup, if someone from out of town comes in, you can check on their points and they can earn more in your salon. Aveda Plus indicators on your book, ticket and check-in screens, giving you one-click access to membership info.

Online Booking

Real-time Referrals

Empower your clients with convenience. Online Booking has a flexible setup and is super easy to launch. Your guests will never have to leave your website, plus your new guests will be able to find you on aveda.com and book in real-time.