Inventory Management

SalonBiz simplifies your salon inventory with retail inventory tracking through automated counts, ordering, and product usage tracking. It’s an essential salon inventory management tool, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with inventory levels for your salon business.

Benefits Beyond Operational

Made to be Mobile

Managing your salon’s inventory doesn’t have to be a time-consuming event. Streamline operations by tracking inventory with our salon inventory app feature. Your team can track inventory, view stock levels, and save time updating them from mobile devices.

Optimized Processes Built-In

Effortlessly Automated

Leverage automated reminders for your salon inventory to facilitate precise automated orders for essential retail products. This not only boosts product sales but also enables you to track spending and pinpoint waste effectively to drive a more profitable business.

Know What’s On-Hand

Never Miss an Opportunity

As a salon owner, our real-time sync and reporting tool allows you to monitor retail sales, identify fast-selling product lines, and reduce costs by pinpointing underperforming stock. With just a few clicks, you can enhance your client experience by ensuring popular items are always available.

What Customers Say