Work Smarter Not Harder

Smart Scheduling

SalonBiz + REACH

Scan your book and automatically fill last-minute appointments, cancellations, and quiet times. Reach is a seamlessly integrated AI-driven resource that acts on your data to drive additional revenue.

Create Opportunity

Productivity is an important factor in projecting your future revenue. REACH works to fill empty time slots so you can focus on what you love – your guests. With the right message at the right time, your guests receive timely and relevant information regarding openings you know they would be interested in.

How It Works

Scan your appointment book in real-time to look for openings.
Automatically send messages to guests that are due back in.
Guests can book right from the email.

“A client can just pop right in at any time throughout the day. Because of this, my productivity has gone way up and my staff is always ready for work and more accountable to the salon.”

Laurie Briese,

Brieshi Salon and Spa