Hardware Requirements

For our salon software to run smoothly, you’ll need to make sure your in-salon tech setup meets (or exceeds) the specifications below.

Minimum Computer Specifications

Any computer capable of supporting the latest version of Chrome
Network: SalonBiz recommends Ethernet connections if possible as WiFi can suffer from third party interference.

Operating Systems

Mac OS: OS X version 10.15 or greater
Windows: Windows 10
SalonBiz App (iPad): iOS 11.0 or later
Stylist App: Apple iOS 14.0 or later, Android 5.0 or later

Internet Access and Network Requirements

• Internet Bandwidth: 10 mbits/sec minimum

• Allocate at least 1 mbit/s of Internet bandwidth per device

Please note that streaming media (Pandora/ Netflix/ etc.) will increase the internet speeds necessary to run SalonBiz.

Recommended Hardware

The following hardware has been tested and proven to be compatible with our software and is easily supported by our team. (Please look for these exact part numbers when you purchase them.)

Barcode Scanner: Honeywell MS9500 Voyager Scanner (Part# MK9540-32A38)

Receipt Printer: Epson TM-T88VI Ethernet thermal receipt printer (Part#C31CE94061)

Thermal Receipt Paper: Thermamark Thermal Receipt Paper (Part# RPT3.125-STD)

Cash Drawer: APG S100 heavy duty cash drawer (Part# T320-BL1616)

Cash Drawer Cable: APG MultiPro Cable for Epson TM Series printers (Part# CD-101A)
When using a cash drawer that automatically opens for cash transactions you need the cable to connect the cash drawer to the receipt printer.

SalonBiz Payments: In order to process credit cards click here to purchase the approved credit card hardware.

Credit Cards

Provide the best experience possible by streamlining checkout with flexible and convenient options to accept payments.