The best salons all have one thing in common: they deliver an exceptional experience for every guest, every time. Whether a client has been coming to your salon for years or is visiting for the first time, it’s important to prepare beforehand for each appointment. This preparation isn’t just for your stylists. When you prepare clients for salon services, they feel more confident and comfortable during their appointment. This positive experience is what will keep them coming back for years to come. These are the essential steps to do every time.  

1. Lay the groundwork

Is the guest who will soon be in your chair already a regular? Refresh your memory beforehand with any notes you took during their last appointment. These may be consultation details about what they’d like to achieve with their hair or information about their last appointment like cut and color formulas.

If you have any personal notes, even better! Try to remember what is special to your client. Was their last appointment in preparation for a wedding or special event? Perhaps they recently welcomed a new grandchild. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to jot down the little things and ask them follow-up questions to make conversation.

Some salon tools, like the Stylist App from SalonBiz, make this step a breeze. Your stylists can add any client notes, formulas, and before/after photos into the app. The next time that guest is in the chair, your stylist will be able to quickly and easily reference their earlier notes.

2. Nail the intro

Today, we’re all about going touchless and minimizing contact when it’s appropriate, and that’s okay! By looking your guest in the eyes and expressing a warm welcome, the sentiment is the same. Shaking hands isn’t a necessity when you want to prepare clients for salon services.

Start off by asking them how their day has been and let them know that you’re excited to work on their beautiful hair. For some guests, appointments can be rather long (especially for color). With this in mind, it’s not a bad idea to point out your restroom in case they need to use it before getting comfy in the chair.

3. Set them at ease

Once your guest is in the seat, it’s time to get comfortable. Whether your salon offers water, coffee, tea, or other refreshments (glass of bubbly, anyone?), ask them if they’d like anything. Provide a few magazine options as well. They may need some reading material when it’s time to hang out under the dryers.

4. Start with a clean slate

Cleaning requirements were always an important aspect of the salon industry, but now they’re top of mind for guests, too. Put your guests’ minds at ease by giving a quick rundown of your current sanitation protocols, if it feels appropriate and isn’t posted elsewhere around the salon.

Note that you are giving them a freshly laundered gown and using towels that have been thoroughly washed. Further, discuss how you sterilize all of your tools and surfaces in between guests. If your salon has a specific mask policy, be sure to remind them of those expectations.

Reiterate that all of these salon requirements for client preparation were developed with their health and safety in mind.

5. Dig into their customized consultation

They’re in the chair and ready to go. From here, what better way to prepare clients for salon services than to conduct a client consultation? This approach is a great way to build trust and manage expectations.

It’s also a unique opportunity for your stylist to get a better understanding of someone’s lifestyle, hair goals, and daily beauty routine. Guests young and old all want great hair, and a fabulous consultation can help.

With SalonBiz, your stylists can take the consultation process to a digital format. Our Stylist App includes customizable consultation forms that are accessible right from their smartphones.

Not sure where to start? Get started with these questions:

  • What do you currently like about your hair?
  • What would you like to change about your hair?
  • Do you use any tools or specific products?
  • How much time do you spend styling your hair every morning?
  • Is styling your hair enjoyable or a chore?
  • Do you have to attend a lot of work events or social gatherings?

Remember, you don’t just need to prepare clients for salon services when they’re new. It’s also a good idea to review consultation notes with repeat guests to ensure you’re up to date on their preferences. Who knows—they may be ready to rock a new easy pixie or want to go with a bold new shade!

6. Take a before picture

If appropriate (and with their approval), take a “before” photo. Guests love to see an amazing before and after comparison. It demonstrates the beautiful work you’ve done and boosts their self-confidence.

As noted, you can store these before/after photos directly in the guest’s file with SalonBiz. Not only are before and after photos great to keep on record, they’re also wonderful marketing tools. If a guest gives you the go-ahead, share their amazing hair transformations on your social media accounts or email newsletters. 

7. Discuss products you’ll use

Finally, products are such an important part of your overall salon experience. Not only do they create an additional source of revenue, but they help you take your services to the next level! Are you planning to use a luxurious conditioner or a wonderfully scented finishing mist? Keep your guests in the know! Prepare clients for salon services by discussing the products you’re using.

With SalonBiz’s salon management software, you can quickly add, edit, and delete inventory in your system. Plus, our simple and intuitive inventory reports make tracking easy. Determine your top-selling products, set up automatic reorders, and weed out the items that are on the shelf collecting dust.

All of these reports can be pulled quickly, across multiple salon locations and the mobile Stylist app. Our consumer-facing Pocket Salon app allows your guests to order and pay for items directly from their phones. They can also easily refer back to the products they purchased and loved in Pocket Salon.

After the appointment

You’ve successfully completed the appointment and your guest is in love with their new look. What’s next?

With SalonBiz, your guests can pay for their services and products, prebook, and be on their way in a few minutes! Our comprehensive salon management software allows your guests to pay at a reception desk, directly with your stylists with our “card on file” functionality, or on their phones. With the Pocket Salon app, guests can simply add a tip and select the card they want to use to make an instant payment!

Ready to learn more about the fantastic features SalonBiz has to offer? Drop us a note to schedule a demo today!