As a salon owner, you’re busy—and you need a salon management software solution that empowers you to know the operational details are covered, so you can focus on building your brand, creating relationships with clients and growing your business. We get it and we’re here to help.


Integrated Payments

A Must-Have for Salon Management.

Because every aspect of your business should be seamless—point of sale and payments included. That’s why we’ve made SalonBiz the most comprehensive, all-in-one payment platform in the market today. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

  • Utilize a single merchant account for all transactions; POS, eCommerce, and mobile (iPad)
  • Enjoy seamless integration with SalonBiz software; iPad and Pocket Salon
  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards
  • Eliminate human error by auto-batching from all payment sources
  • Complete guest profiles with card-on-file allowing easy transactions
Customer paying via iPad at hair salon

Inventory Control

Inventory Control That Doesn’t Make You Cringe.

Quickly add, edit, delete inventory or see top sellers and underperformers at a glance. Simple and intuitive inventory reports and tracking make it easy. Because you want to worry about the client in your chair, not the product on your shelf.

  • Determine your top-selling products and those collecting dust
  • Add products to your system with a few simple clicks
  • Edit inventory with ease from discontinued products to discounted prices or promotions
  • Pull reports and track products across multiple locations to determine what your clients like each and every season
  • NEW Inventory management is mobile! This new feature in your Stylist App improves efficiency and productivity – click here to see how
SalonBiz customer demonstrating the ease of the software while helping a salon customer


Report across one location or multiple. It’s up to you.

From a daily summary that tracks benchmarks by location to weekly, monthly and yearly reports that help you track growth and trends in a timely manner.

  • Track benchmarks and be proactive about corrections and growth.
  • Customize date ranges on reports to see trends for any period of time
  • Create target markets with custom guest lists like your top 100 guests buying retail in the last three months
Pie chart displayed on Apple computer

Multi-Location Salon Management

Multi-Location Salon Management. Yep, Many.

The industry’s first true solution for multi-location salons. It’s convenient for your clients and it’s an apples-to-apples experience for your team.

  • Create a consistent guest experience with access to client notes, color formulas and history across locations
  • Utilize consolidated salon management software reporting across all locations
  • Create a convenient guest experience by empowering booking across all locations, even if you, or your clients, aren’t physically at the location
  • Track gift card balances, purchases and redemption across all locations through one report
Woman smiling standing outside hair salon

Safety and Security

Safe and Secure. Just the Way You Want It.

With SalonBiz, your data is secure no matter what happens. You never need to worry about losing client info, appointments or records should disaster strike. And, our multi-level password protection means you decide who has access and what they can or can’t get their hands on. You can always rest easy knowing safety and security are no longer a risk.

Women walking past salon with an Iphone

We pride ourselves on thinking of everything and taking your feedback on additional features that empower you to focus on the future of your business, not the past. Empowering your stylists and connecting with clients are critical parts of that journey. Explore the value we add for your stylists, staff and clients below and get the full picture of SalonBiz salon software.

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