Put your clients in the driver seat.

With the Pocket Salon App from SalonBiz, your clients gain efficiencies and control of their appointments, communications and payments. Essentially, you put them in the driver seat and, in turn, you spend more time interacting with clients who are in your shop while knowing the ones who aren’t are perfectly satisfied.

No More Check-out Lines

We all know that fast, efficient and real-time is an amazing experience. So why not give it to your clients? With self check-out, stylists messaging, self-booking and re-scheduling, and a simple way to pay and purchase products, your customers will be more than satisfied.

Pocket Salon features showing the ease of checking out and buying products

Convenient Online Ordering

Your clients can browse products, buy or re-purchase and even see recommendations from their stylists all in one place. It’s a shopping experience that is quick, simple and hassle-free, so why would they go anywhere else?

Products customer can buy through mobile app software

Self booking and appointment setting

Yep, that’s right, your clients can pick the dates and times that work best for them and book themselves. You set the required service length and they do the rest. They can even view options side-by-side to make the scheduling process easier than ever.

Calendar booking and scheduling through mobile device

Edit and repeat with ease.

We all have busy lives and your clients are no different. With the ability to re-schedule, re-book past appointments and buy products they’ve purchased in the past, they’ll soon learn they can edit and repeat in a few simple clicks—now that’s an experience they won’t get anywhere else.

Booking through the pocket app from the SalonBiz software

Exactly what you need.

Looking for setup support? Click the link below and download the instructions. Or, need a quick and easy way to let your clients know about Pocket Salon App? Use the Marketing Toolkit link below to get your hands on our Pocket Salon App marketing toolkit that you can order and use for your clients. We’ve done the heavy lift for you.