From balayage to bangs, the latest trends have a tendency to come and go. But there’s a new trend that is definitely here to stay, and we think you’ll love it. As technology becomes increasingly intuitive, more salons are ditching the large centralized salon reception desk. While it may seem daunting, the possibilities are endless when you transition your space. Here’s how to successfully make the change (and never look back).  

Benefit from a new approach  

Your salon reception desk used to be a necessity. You had a team member handling the phone, checking in guests, and collecting payments on their way out. Today, though, a large and central front desk isn’t a necessity. It can interrupt the flow of your salon, take up precious space, create lines for guests to wait in, and worst, put barriers between your team and guests.

The solution? A modern and mobile salon reception approach that helps you create an amazing guest experience.

Not only does this option provide more space, it also encourages better customer service. Your team can actively work the room, finding opportunities to share information about products or answer questions.

How to set up a modern salon reception experience  

Reshape your entire guest experience with a reception area that is beautiful, efficient, and mobile. Here are a few features to consider and salon reception desk ideas that can guide your transition.

Invest in new technology

If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in streamlined salon management software like SalonBiz, with connected mobile apps. These tools allow you to move the unwieldy reception book to mobile. Stylists, another team member, or even the guests themselves can manage their experience directly through a tablet or phone.  

For example, SalonBiz allows your guests to check in on an iPad you provide at the front of your salon. Using our consumer-facing Pocket Salon app, your guests can review their appointment details, set up a payment, leave a tip, and get a receipt emailed directly to them.

You can also encourage clients to book online or through the Pocket Salon app to reduce phone calls to your salon. Your guests will love having access to convenient online booking; your team will have more time to help the guests already in your salon!

Create a space for practical matters

With the right tools, you can have guests or stylists manage most matters right from the chair, but you’ll still need a small space to conduct business. A strategically placed table or podium near the front of your salon works best.

This area should be where you keep a desktop computer or tablet for guests to use to check-in or pay. Leave available surface area for guests to place their belongings (especially products) during check-out.

Hide your necessities

For larger salons that need several computers or tablets on one table, it’s even more important to maintain a clean look. Look for a table with drawers to discreetly hide brochures, pens, and other office necessities. Trying to conceal all of those cords? Install wiring and outlets in the floor directly underneath the table.

For salons with an abundance of wall space, there are endless options for using it wisely. Use shelves to showcase your retail products. If you like to provide information about pricing or available services, consider a modern magnetic letter board that allows you to easily swap out services and leave cute messages to guests as they arrive.

Teach your team how to move 

When you take away the central front desk, your team members get to (literally) move into a new role. Instead of being tethered to the front of the salon, they have a unique opportunity to spend time on the floor.

Don’t expect it to happen immediately, though. Train your team members to cover the entire space! From greeting everyone who walks in the door to helping guests with product questions or the check-in process, they can do it all. Build some best practices for how they can best use their time on the floor and coach them on approaching customers or discussing products.

This model can result in better guest care and relationship building. Your staff members can create a warm and inviting environment by interacting with guests across every area of the salon.

Spread the word to guests

Last, but not least, celebrate these exciting new changes in your salon! Share photos of the new space on social media and in your client emails. Talk about the benefits of an easier check-in and check-out process. Don’t forget to include a quick tutorial on what they can expect.

Guests will appreciate the heads up and quickly come to love the convenience of your modern salon reception desk. Instead of being stuck behind a desk, your team members can roam the retail area to answer questions, make suggestions, and encourage sampling.

Already using SalonBiz? To enhance their salon experience, encourage guests to download the Pocket Salon app. With this app, your guests are in control from start to finish. From appointment scheduling to purchasing products, they have access to everything they need in the palm of their hand

Find seamless mobile tools for your salon

With a modern salon reception desk approach, front desk duties are dispersed around the salon, eliminating lines for your guests. At first, adopting this approach might seem like a big transition. Fortunately, the right technology tools make it a breeze.

With the Stylist app from SalonBiz, your stylists have everything they need right at their fingertips. This should be the most fun part of the process because you’re empowering your team with amazing features. Here are some of the details they’ll love:

  • Instant access to their schedule with the ability to make, change, and cancel appointments
  • Client records that include important information about color formulas, past visits, or before/after photos
  • Automatic check-in notifications AND a notification if any appointment is made, moved, or deleted on today’s book
  • Statistics and forecasting to track their performance and goals within the salon

Are you ready to ditch your traditional salon reception desk? SalonBiz can help. Send us a message or schedule a demo today.