When you go brick, mortar, and mobile, everyone wins. Your bustling salon can meet guest expectations in new ways, providing greater opportunities for flexibility and convenience. This is how a mobile hair stylist app—or a set of apps that are intuitively designed for your stylists, guests, and back-off management alike—can help you level up your salon services. 

From curbside product purchases to special event experiences, it’s time to think beyond the walls of your salon! Here’s how.

Reach beyond your salon with a mobile hair stylist app  

The most successful salon owners and managers are always looking for ways to diversify and create amazing guest experiences.

And, if you take a look around, it’s easy to see that your guest’s expectations are changing. From grocery delivery to mobile pet grooming, there are so many mobile services that make their lives easier.

An integrated mobile salon app (or set of apps) can help you give your guests this same convenience from their trusted salon. And the best mobile salon apps allow you to take payments, rebook appointments, and more, wherever your team goes.

These are the major benefits of going mobile to reach even more guests. Learn more about the features of mobile salon apps, for your stylists and guests, below.

Craft amazing experiences for special events

When it comes to special events, like weddings and high school dances, the timeline for the day is packed. This is one of the most important ways to meet your guests exactly where they are!

Have your team of stylists pack up their essentials and hit the road. They’ll carry previous appointment details right along with them. Plus, they’ll be able to accept payments whenever, wherever.

Offer house calls for elderly or immunocompromised guests

Now more than ever, elderly guests and those who are immunocompromised avoid leaving the house. This is an opportunity to offer your services in the comfort of their own home.

They’ll feel safe and at ease, and appreciative of your effort. Build a lasting relationship with your most loyal guests by taking house calls. A mobile hair stylist app gives your team this freedom.

Expand into curbside product sales

Allow your product sales to soar with curbside purchases. If your clients are running low on product, but their next appointment is still weeks away, all they have to do is swing by the salon!

Designate a curbside pick-up spot right up front to facilitate a quick transaction. Guests can provide a credit card to make a quick and easy payment. No need to step foot in the salon. 

Made to be mobile 

It’s important to look for a few key features in a mobile hair stylist app, whether it’s an on-hand resource for your stylists or a consumer-facing app for your guests. 

First, you need a mobile-first format that is easy to navigate. Pages should load quickly and text should be clean and concise. Don’t bother with a provider that didn’t design with smartphones in mind.

Further, you should have access to two of the most critical aspects of your business: appointment scheduling and payments. You and your team members should have the ability to make, change, and search for appointments in an effortless manner. With an integrated system, management can search client history and monitor the performance of your stylists in real time.

When you’re ready for a guest to check out, take advantage of apps that provide a single integrated payment solution. This adds up to quicker transactions, more reliable cashflow, and a better guest experience.

Finally, look for bonus features that improve your guest’s salon experience from start to finish. These may include:

  • Automated appointment reminders and confirmations through text or email
  • Set-and-forget email marketing campaigns with customizable branded templates
  • Easy-to-track inventory data so guests can make orders right from their phones

When you have a mobile hair stylist app that was designed for all of your needs, your workflow becomes seamless whether you’re on the road or in the salon.

Get it all with SalonBiz 

From managing product inventory to checking in guests, SalonBiz offers a solution for everything with our suite of salon management software tools. Our software isn’t just made for back-office convenience—your stylists and guests will love these mobile hair stylist apps too!

Our Stylist app 

SalonBiz’s Stylist App is an integrated mobile app built for your team. With the app, your entire team will have access to scheduling, payment, and inventory functionality.

They can book one appointment or a standing appointment for two years with just a few simple clicks. Once their guest is in the chair, they can use our customizable consultation forms or access before/after photos, service notes, and previous formulas.

It’s not just about creating an experience that allows them to leave the salon and meet guests where they are. With all of these features at their fingertips, you empower your stylists to control their guest experience. This can give everyone a sense of pride and ownership that helps your salon run more smoothly.

The Pocket Salon app 

Designed with your guests in mind, our Pocket Salon app from SalonBiz allows for easy scheduling, communication, and payments. It also drives your retail salesyour guests can purchase the products they love directly from the app. 

Your guests are in control from start to finish. They’ll have the flexibility to pick a date and time for their next appointment that works best for them. Once they’ve booked an appointment, they’ll have easy access to refer back to the schedule to make any changes.

After their appointment, guests can easily purchase products and pay for their services with self check-out. With a few more simple clicks, they can even re-book the same services for their next appointment. Seamless mobile payments are powered by PaySimple.

When SalonBiz is working for your salon behind the scenes, it’s easy to hit the road and offer truly incomparable guest experiences.

Ready to learn more? Let’s chat about all the ways SalonBiz can help you grow your salon. Send us a message or schedule a demo today.