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Use Retail to Maximize Your Salon’s Productivity

In our last conversation with Heath Smith, co-owner of Ruiz Salons in Austin, Texas, he explained how salon owners can maximize their productivity per square foot. In this blog, Smith is talking about leveraging your retail for optimal profit. “We have two revenue streams that are equally important—service and retail,” he says. “When we look… Read more »


Plan for a Profitable Year-End With These 5 Strategies

As the end of 2019 rapidly approaches, you’re probably focused on holiday inventory, accommodating your guests’ schedules and hitting your budget goals. It’s a stressful time of year—but it doesn’t have to be. Make the next few months of the holiday rush run more efficiently with these strategies. 1) Know Your Holiday Inventory and Plan… Read more »


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Best Practices for Feedback and Reviews

There’s nothing more exciting than when a regular customer transforms into a “raving fan.” So how do they get there? With a little help from you and some Listen360 best practice tips. With the SalonBiz Communications Suite, you already have the essential marketing tools to promote your salon using email marketing templates and images for… Read more »


Support Clients Going Through Chemotherapy with Scalp Cooling

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is right around the corner, and salons across the country are gearing up to raise funds to support women battling the disease. This October, there’s a new way your salon can support clients going through chemotherapy—you can help them keep their hair through scalp cooling. What is Scalp Cooling? New technology,… Read more »


Amp Up In-House Marketing With SalonBiz Communications Suite

When it comes to innovation, Vivian Yeh is always ahead of the curve. As a 21 year SalonBiz user and owner of three locations for Josephine’s Day Spa and Salon, she leverages several SalonBiz features to help make her salons successful, year after year. Recently, SalonBiz released a new Communications Suite to directly support and… Read more »


Revenue Per Foot

This calculator will allow you to see how well your business has performed compared to other salons based on 3 years of brand neutral research by the 2 to 10 Project™. To use this simple calculator, you will need only two numbers: your total ANNUAL SALES (service and retail) and your total SQUARE FOOTAGE. Enter these... Read more »READ MORE