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Revenue Per Foot

This calculator will allow you to see how well your business has performed compared to other salons based on 3 years of brand neutral research by the 2 to 10 Project™. To use this simple calculator, you will need only two numbers: your total ANNUAL SALES (service and retail) and your total SQUARE FOOTAGE. Enter these... Read more »READ MORE

Salon Email Marketing Best Practices

Salon owners are always looking for ways to improve guest interactions in person and online, then turn those connections into dollars and dedicated fans. What’s the best place to start? Email marketing. It’s one of the easiest and most powerful ways to build customer relationships long-term. Done well, it serves as a great sales funnel… Read more »


How Connecting to Community Leads to Client Loyalty and Growth

Marsha Power has owned Garbo A Salon, in Austin, Texas for 35 years (and in 2016, opened a second location). From the beginning, philanthropy has been at the heart of her business, but not necessarily by design. “It started off organically,” Power says. “I was working hard behind the chair and clients would ask me… Read more »