Automating your salon should not be a challenge this year with all the new ways your salon can utilize automation to maintain momentum year-round to keep books filled. 

With all the new responsibilities and accommodations around COVID, many salon owners are beginning to use automation tools to keep things running safely, efficiently, and as “hands-off” as possible. By setting up an infrastructure that eliminates the need for front-end staff having to manually make calls or send texts to fill in inevitable last-minute appointments and cancellations, year-round revenue streams become easier to maintain.

Here are a few ways that automation is working for SalonBiz + REACH:

Salons and spas that start using their client behaviors to drive communications before, and even during, busy times find that clients respond better overall and generate increased revenues throughout the year. Armed with AI powers, they can automatically reward regulars, celebrate birthdays, thank big spenders, send out reminders, and keep books filled even in typically slow seasons.

“REACH makes your staff more present. Before implementing, stylists would just leave if they didn’t have something on the books…now because anyone can book at any point, they stay in the building. A client can now just pop right in at any time throughout the day. Because of this, my productivity has gone way up and my staff is always ready for work and more accountable to the salon.” – Laurie Brieshi, Brieshi Salon and Spa

Keep these ideas in mind when you communicate with clients this season whether you handle your client communications the old-fashioned way or whether you use the automated help of smart tools such as the REACH functionality built-into SalonBiz. Although there are immediate and long-term advantages of using automation, the new year is an ideal time to ditch time-consuming, imprecise manual administration, and focus more on your clients. By automating your salon to help with the filling of last-minute appointments and cancelations, you and your staff get valuable time back to service guests, take care of other important tasks, and/or enjoy more personal time.  

“Overall I really like the sliding scale and the fact that the offer amount is a percentage and not everyone gets the same base price. For example, three days out it’s 5% off, and for a last-minute appointment, it’s 20% – not just a set fee across the board. Because of this, as a company, we make more money than before.” – Krisha, Gloss Salon and Day Spa

The latest improvements from the team at REACH are breaking down barriers to book and streamlining your checkout. Online booking payments will not be processed via the REACH platform so you are able to control your checkout process. Plus, payments can now be taken via credit card, gift card, or cash at the time of the service. Your guests will have a better, more simplified booking experience.

Your guests want more convenience and cost savings and salon owners need more free time and ways to generate revenue. REACH uses best-in-class technology to deliver all the above by contacting your un-booked guests at the right time to automatically fill empty appointments without any additional effort from your staff.

Without payment processing, your REACH booking platform can be even more laser-focused on filling your book without the distraction or complication of managing payment processing.

Current REACH users visit the SalonBiz Help Center for step-by-step guide if you need help on processing tickets.

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