Your Guide To Salon Gift Card Promotions That Work

The gift card industry is booming! Consumers love them and statistics show that they’re a great way to attract new guests. In fact, one study found that 90% of people who receive a gift card from a small business they’ve never visited will redeem the gift card—and return again! Simply put, salon gift card promotions should be on your radar. Here’s how to set up an amazing gift card program at your salon.

How to uplevel your salon gift card promotions

Gift card trends have changed a lot over the years. Today’s experience is more than a stack of physical gift cards sitting at your front desk. The best salon gift card promotions are unique and convenient. Your guests should be excited about gifting your salon or spa gift certificate, increasing the likelihood that they’ll purchase more in the future!

From holidays to special occasions, there are so many reasons to encourage this method of gift giving. When you do it right, it’s possible to have guests buying bundles to give away to family and friends. Here are some ideas if you’re trying to boost your spa or salon gift card sales!

1. Bonus gift cards

Sharing is caring, but it’s even better when there’s a reward for the gift giver! Bonus gift cards are a great way to maximize sales, especially during the holidays. Your guests will want to buy gifts anyway during this time of year, but the deal is a lot sweeter when there’s something in it for them.

SalonBiz makes it easy to set up a bonus gift card promotion. After your guest selects a gift card and checks out, they’ll automatically receive a separate email with their bonus gift card. It’s the perfect way for your guests to treat themselves for spreading the love!


2. Add-on savings 

Provide add-on savings for certain increments of salon gift card promotions. For example, with every $75 purchase, agree to round up their total to $100. This incentivizes your guests to spend more when they make a gift card purchase!

3. Special packages and bundles 

With the busy holiday season, people are always searching for quick and easy gift ideas that are still thoughtful. From family and friends to teachers and co-workers, there are so many people to shop for.

This is when your guests are on the lookout for packages and bundles! There are many ways to do this but consider grouping gift cards and providing a discount. For instance, allow them to buy a bundle of four gift cards valued at $50 each for just $175 total. Your guests will get four gifts crossed off their list and save a bit of cash!

4. Sweepstakes and giveaways

Try to run big giveaways or sweepstakes from time to time, especially on social media.

Set up some ground rules, with each guest automatically receiving an entry into the giveaway when they purchase a salon gift certificate. Ideas for giveaways include a free color service, basket of retail products, or a full appointment of pampering.

5. Freebie swag bags

Everybody loves a freebie! Make a small gift bag to go with certain gift card purchases. Consider adding travel-sized products and other small favors, such as chocolates. You may even throw in a free add-on coupon for their next appointment. From hand massages to scalp treatments, your guests will love these benefits.

Tip: Consider the value of these swag bags to decide on a minimum gift card purchase amount in order for guests to qualify for this offer.

Embrace your style

Remember, salon promotions that work include close attention to your unique branding. Gone are the days of a generic salon gift certificate design where you simply write in the name of your business. Instead, you want these gift cards to reflect your salon’s style.

Fortunately, SalonBiz makes it easy to do this. Easily change the look of your online gift cards with custom-branded gift cards with your logo or another chosen design. If you have physical gift cards in your salon and want them to match, all you have to do is upload your design.

Nail the where and when

Once you have a fantastic system in place, it’s time to start selling! Make sure your loyal guests, and every new guest, knows about your salon gift card promotions. Here’s how to get the word out.

Synched up sales

We’ve discussed some of the amazing salon gift card promotions you can run, but when is the right time?

Start by thinking of big gift-giving holidays, such as Christmas, Hannukah, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Don’t forget that there are also huge opportunities leading up to the holiday season! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big money makers for nearly every type of business.

Aside from the big holidays, don’t be afraid to think out of the box! Consider Teacher Appreciation Week, Boss’s Day, and all of the interesting opportunities in between.

Embrace in-person and online purchases

The great thing about salon gift card promotions is flexibility. From physical to digital gift cards, you can offer them to wherever your guests are.

First, be sure to inform the guests who are in your chairs about your promotions! We place so much focus on websites and social media these days that it can be easy to forget. Place a sign at the front of your salon or on the front desk. It can also be helpful to have your stylists remind their guests about any promotions, especially during the holiday season.

If you’re not selling gift cards online, you’re missing out on easy money! Studies show that most online gift card sales take place between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. This is when your salon is bustling with guests and you may not be able to easily manage orders. With online sales available on your website, your guests have access to make a gift card purchase 24/7.

From there, every point of contact online should provide a reminder. Your website, social media account, and marketing emails should all include information about your gift cards.

Set up salon gift card promotions with SalonBiz

Want to make gift card promotions a breeze? SalonBiz can help. Gift cards are beautiful, customizable, and fully integrated into our salon management software.

Setting up promotions is also simple. Choose your discount amount or set conditions (such as a combination of specific services for package promotions). Choose the dates and times your promo will run. Click save and you’re all set!

Are you ready to boost revenue and start selling gift cards online today? Send us a message to learn more about our salon management software or set up a free demo.


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