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Salon App

Changes it all for guests

self check in/out

buy products anytime/anywhere

text their stylist questions

plus more


Salon Software that does
guest care
like you do

Juut SalonSpa


Aveda Institutes

Salon Software with
salon-owner intuition

We are salon software innovators, but we’re also salon owners obsessed with growth. For the past 30 years, we’ve been honing the industry’s best salon software. It fits salons perfectly, because it was created for them, not adapted technology out to make an extra buck.

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Salon iPad App

Pre-book & sell
retail in the chair

When you increase portability, you increase profitability. We’ll make your front desk salon software mobile so you can prevent front desk bottleneck, check guests in and out more quickly, sell gift cards or retail from anywhere, make appointments and more. Welcome to the front desk-less future.

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Apple Watch Stylist App

Never chase down
another stylist

It’s the stylist’s personal assistant, keeping them focused on maximizing the day. (Plus your front desk team will thank you, for the check-in alerts alone.)

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Stylist App

We bring the tools,
they bring the hustle

Empower your team and watch what happens: decreased wait times thanks to guest check-in alerts, book more clients when stylists book themselves, improve consultations when they can prepare from their phones—the list goes on.

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(Life-Changing) Reports

Get nerdy with us

Welcome to the most powerful salon software reporting in the industry—with the ONLY reporting solution across multiple locations. Salon Today 200 honorees regularly reference our Daily Summary report, making their growth proactive, and a daily habit.

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Salon Software Reporting


Everything just changed
for your guests

Our client booking and check-out app makes guests VIPs from their phones. They can skip lines, book from anywhere, text their stylist, order products straight from you and more.

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About SalonBiz

We hold hands, because
technology is a handful

There are a lot of companies out there selling salon software. Yes we’re a tech company, but before that, we were (and still are) salon owners. We know what consumes your days and keeps you up at night. We also know tech might not be your preferred language, so our support team speaks it all—salon, tech and the common language of growth.

Why We’re Here


We don’t nickel and dime —
everything you need is included

We want you to have the most effective and efficient software for running your salon, so we don’t charge you extra for “better”. Everything we’ve developed solves a real-salon challenge faced by an owner before you. The tools and solutions are yours—all of them—without the headaches.

Our Pricing Philosophy

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