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20 Of The Best Beauty Salon Hashtags For Instagram

Blending beauty, style, and ease, it’s no wonder Instagram is a powerful social media tool for salons. And Instagram users love hashtags. These are the best beauty salon hashtags to find your new clients on Instagram, along with best practices for getting started. 

Why Instagram? 

You can increasingly use the best beauty salon hashtags on other social media sites. Facebook and Twitter, for example, both allow hashtags. Do a lot of networking with other professionals? LinkedIn now has rich hashtag options

However, Instagram is still the place to be to meet your current and potential guests. Instagram users actually use hashtags, and often, compared to these other sites. With Instagram hashtags, you can: 

  • Showcase the innovative and creative work going on behind your salon’s closed doors
  • Connect with new and current clients in your area
  • Promote new products or services, or share promotions 
  • Share meaningful client success stories and before/after photos

According to Sprout Social, Instagram is where people increasingly spend their time. Six out of ten users login daily, making it the second-most active social media site (next to Facebook). And they’re on the site for almost an hour daily (53 minutes) on average. 

Get started with hairstylist hashtags

Something magical happens on Instagram when you blend a great image and story with the perfect hairstylist hashtags. Clients find you more easily, start tagging you in their dramatic before/after posts, and your salon can connect with other local brands and influencers. 

Here’s how to get there. 

Best practices for the ‘gram 

It takes time to learn the art of crafting the perfect hashtag, but it’s not an exact science. Instead, think about best hashtag practices to follow on each post. 

For example, every post on your account should feature: 

  • Specific hairstylist hashtags that are unique to that post
  • Local business hashtags to connect with your community
  • A branded hashtag specific to your salon 

Your branded hashtag should be unique to your salon and include your name–and maybe location. With a branded hashtag, guests can quickly scroll through all posts that are related to your salon and share their own. 

Finally, don’t hashtag spam. Five to fifteen hashtags per post is a good number. You can add these at the end of your post or in the first comment. Remember, the best beauty salon hashtags are as unique as possible, while still being relevant enough to be shared and found. 

How to find hashtags

Use the list below as a starting point, but you can also find your own hashtags for your posts. How? Go directly into Instagram’s search bar. Type # and then start brainstorming. 

Search #hair for example, and you’ll get a drop-down list of all related hashtags with the number of related posts using that hashtags. This can help you hone in on general hairstylist hashtags, as well as those that are specific to your area or specialty, and see how popular they actually are. 

The best beauty salon hashtags

Again, focus on finding a mix of general and specific hairstylist hashtags for your posts. Some examples of great general hashtags for hair and beauty salons include:

  1. #picoftheday
  2. #hairoftheday
  3. #haircare
  4. #instahair
  5. #hairtutorial
  6. #colorexpert
  7. #hairstylist
  8. #transformation
  9. #makeover
  10. #beautyaddict
  11. #beautytip
  12. #instabeauty
  13. #hairgoals
  14. #behindthechair
  15. #hairtransformation
  16. #hairjourney
  17. #hairbrained
  18. #beforeandafterhair
  19. #beautycommunity
  20. #haircolor

Next, go specific. As noted, search through Instagram using a keyword or location to find hashtags that match your unique services. Examples could include things like #grayhairmovement, #curlycut, #torontohairstylist, #mermaidhair, or #blackhaircare.

Craft a great Instagram presence with these tips

Beyond including the best beauty salon hashtags, there are a few more ways to level up your Instagram presence for your salon and brand.

Make it consistent

Always interact with guests who engage with your brand! Answer their questions, like their comments, and double-tap any posts that show up in your branded hashtag. You can handle this task, hire a social media manager to maintain engagement, or have your staff take turns managing social channels during their shift.

Use video 

Shift your full focus from static posts to add in more Instagram Reels and Stories posts. These are lively, engaging, and allow you to feature links, polls, questions, countdowns, and more. Keep your best stories in Instagram highlights, as content disappears after 24 hours.

Encourage micro-influencers

Include salon staff, clients, and fans to help talk up what you do on Instagram by using a branded hashtag. When you showcase a non-corporate voice from team members and guests alike, you can create an authentic connection with your audience. They become invested and interested in seeing what’s next.

Track your ROI and top performing posts 

With a business Instagram account, track analytics and ROI from Instagram overall as well as specific posts. Take note of what hairstylist hashtags you featured, what kind of content engaged people the most, and the success of any online campaigns or contests.

Share everywhere

Make sure to share your Instagram handle on your website, individual stylist social media pages, email subscriber pages, or product and event pages. Include it within your salon as well, with cute signs asking guests to follow your account. 

A better way to market your salon 

People want to hear from the unique creative voice of your salon and learn about what makes it a go-to place to book some time for pampering. Beyond Instagram, salon management software, like SalonBiz, can effortlessly help you stay in touch. From text message reminders to email marketing to mobile booking, we help you create spectacular experiences for your salon guests. 

Ready to learn more? Schedule a demo today to see how we can help your salon. (And follow SalonBiz on Instagram too! #wespeaksalon)

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