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Success with SalonBiz

Every year, SalonBiz hosts a state of the union at its PowerUp event in January, held in conjunction with Serious Business, where users gather to learn about the newest features in their favorite software. This year, SalonBiz Director of Sales Denise Boudreaux outlined all the benefits, bells and whistles that users are loving, and then… Read more »


The Benefits of a Salon App

Your clients book their appointments on your website. They receive text message reminders. They follow your social media platforms for updates and inspiration. Feels like you’re on top of technology, right? There’s one more critical step to take. It’s time to provide an app for your guests. Think they don’t have room for one more… Read more »


Go Front Desk Free in 2020

In a few short weeks, we’ll be ringing in the new year, a time for resolutions and change. If you’ve been thinking about going deskless, now is the time. More and more salons are eliminating their front desk to give clients a more customized experience and utilize the space more efficiently. Here are a few… Read more »


Leverage the Power of Customer Reviews

Taking your salon business to the next level is actually easier than you think – especially with the new feedback and reviews feature in the Communications Suite. It’s designed to leverage the power of your unique customer reviews, and turn that insight into a one-of-a-kind business tool. In other words, the feedback and reviews feature… Read more »


How Montage Salon Uses the Communications Suite

As a salon owner, the core business communication tools you use make an impact in big and small ways each day. Not only do they directly influence how you build long-term, personal connections with clients, but determine the level and quality of repeat business. For Montage Salon, the SalonBiz Communications Suite serves as the all-in-one… Read more »


Retail Revenue Calculator

This calculator will allow you to see how well your business has performed compared to other salons based on 3 years of brand neutral research by the 2 to 10 Project™. To use this simple calculator, you will need only two numbers: your total RETAIL SALES and your total REVENUE (service and retail). Enter these two... Read more »READ MORE