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Daily Salon Social Media Marketing Ideas: How to Engage Your Audience 

By now, you’re probably aware that if you want your salon to grow, you need to use social media marketing. Promoting yourself on social media platforms will help you attract new clients, engage with current clients, get client feedback, spread brand awareness, and connect with your audience.  

Since you’re a salon owner and not a social media specialist, you may be unsure about the what, when, where, and how of social media marketing. Our last social media marketing blog post covers the what, so now we want to get into the when, where, and how to help guide your strategy. 

SalonBiz | Social Media Marketing

How Often to Post on Social Media 

One of the most frequently asked questions by business owners getting into social media marketing is how often they should be posting. While there is no magic number that will get you the most attention or engagement, there are some best practices you can follow that differ with each platform. Here’s what the research recommends

  • Instagram: 2-7 times per week 
  • Twitter: 1-5 times per day 
  • Facebook: 1-2 times per day 
  • LinkedIn: 1-5 times per day 
  • TikTok: 1-4 times per day 

When added to the other day-to-day responsibilities you must handle to run your salon, those numbers can sound scary. But remember—they’re just recommendations. Aim to start posting at least once a day and go from there. Social media moves fast, so you need to stay in front of your audience if you want that audience and your salon to grow.  

There are ways to create and post social media content faster that allow you to stay active online without taking on too much extra work. Creating batch content is one example, another is using an automatic scheduler to post. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to post on every social media channel, just the ones your audience frequents the most. 

SalonBiz | Social Media Marketing

The Best Social Media Platforms for Salons 

Speaking of social media channels, you’re probably wondering which platforms are the best for salons to market on. The answer is going to depend on your target audience.  

For example, 71% of people ages 18-29 use Instagram, while it’s only used by 48% of people ages 30-49. So, if you’re catering to mostly young adult clients, Instagram is a platform you’ll want to prioritize, whereas if you work with older adults, it won’t be as important. That’s why it’s essential that you research your audience and the demographics of each social media channel. 

Here are the most popular social media platforms for salons to consider in your research: 

  • LinkedIn 
  • Pinterest 
  • YouTube 
  • Snapchat 
  • Nextdoor 
SalonBiz | Social Media Marketing

Salon Social Media Ideas for Each Day of the Week 

A trend that has long been popular on social media is using hashtags for themed posts on different days of the week. For example, on #throwbackthursday users post old photos and memories to look back on.  

Hopping on these themes or even creating your own can be a great way for your salon to engage with clients and potential clients, as well as inspire them to post themselves (and spread even more brand awareness). We’ve put together a few social media content ideas for each day of the week that your salon can use to spark your audience’s interest. 


  • Selfie Sunday: Share a selfie with your audience and allow them to ask you questions in the comments. 
  • Self-Care Sunday: Give tips for how readers can take better care of themselves. 
  • Secret Sunday: Share a “secret” discount code that a select number of customers can use (first come, first serve). 


  • Motivational Mondays: Post an inspirational quote or image about beauty and self-care. 
  • Monday Funday: Post a fun hair idea, like a new updo, that people can try. 
  • Makeover Monday: Post a before and after photo of a client. 


  • Tip Tuesdays: Post a haircare tip. 
  • Tuesday Truth Day: Post two truths and a lie and ask followers to comment which one they think is the lie. Or post a common haircare myth and debunk it. 
  • Transformation Tuesday: Share a before and after photo of a client. 


  • Wednesday Wisdom: Drop a knowledge bomb on your clients related to beauty and style. 
  • Humpday Meme: Post a funny meme or quote about getting through the rest of the week. 
  • Woman Crush Wednesday: Share a photo of a female client (with their permission) or stylist for your “woman crush” of the week. 


  • Throwback Thursday: Post an old hairstyle from another time period and ask people for their opinion in the comments. 
  • Testimonial Thursday: Share a client testimonial. 
  • Thursday Trivia: Post a trivia question about the beauty industry and offer a prize to the first person who comments with the correct answer. 


  • Fun Fact Friday: Share an interesting fact about hair or beauty. 
  • Freaky Friday: Share a unique hairstyle you’ve done or a weird hair story with your audience. 
  • Funny Friday: Post a funny beauty or hair meme. 


  • Saturday Style: Share a new outfit and hairstyle pairing with your audience. 
  • Weekend Trend Report: Post about a recent industry trend, such as a service many of your clients have been asking for lately. 
  • Date Night Hair Tutorial: Share a quick hair tutorial for a fun Saturday night date. 

Spend Less Time on Admin & More on Marketing 

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Our salon management software will make your life easier with online booking, automatic marketing campaigns, stylist tools, inventory management, reporting, and much more. You’ll be left with more time to devote to what matters the most to your salon’s success: your clients. 

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