Wet hair, don't care

In a perfect world, every client who leaves your chair walks away with shiny, bouncy, enviable hair. And when she returns to her job or home, everyone she sees asks, “who did your hair?”

But that’s not always how it goes. Today’s client is often time crunched and rushes out of the salon before you can even turn the blow dryer on. In fact, some clients purposely make their appointment at the end of the day so they can head home with wet hair and go straight to bed.

However, just because your guest leaves the salon with wet hair doesn’t mean she has to look unfinished or wake up the next morning with bedhead.

Here are a few tips and techniques to help guide your client to a salon-worthy look—without the blowout.

Beachy Waves

If your client is heading straight home to bed after her appointment, use your styling time to give her some braids. The next morning, she can take them out to reveal beautiful, beach-y waves—no styling required.

For clients with natural texture, waves can be achieved by lightly working product through their hair and gently scrunching. Finish the look with sea salt spray.

Crazy for Curls: No Heat Required

For some clients, heat is the enemy. To avoid inflicting extra damage on their strands, show them how to create a bun using an old sock or hair donut: Once hair has naturally dried, put it in a high ponytail, and wrap sections around the donut. Sleep on it or wear the bun all day before taking it out. The result will be high volume at the crown and big, loose curls.

A Polished Look

Ever have a guest get an emergency call from the office before you were finished styling her hair? If your client needs to look professional, but doesn’t have time for a blowout, slick back her hair into a neat bun and add a slim headband for a pretty, polished style.

Bob Boss

There’s nothing like a freshly cut bob, blown out to shining perfection. Unless it’s a sleek, brushed-back bob, the bob is the perfect cut to wear wet. Add some gel, tuck it behind her ears and she is good to go for the rest of the day.

Do the Twist

A couple gentle twists pinned back on either side of the head work well on wet hair. The rest of the hair can be lightly scrunched with product to dry in soft waves. Or, for clients with longer hair, pull it all back into a French twist and pin in place.

The Low Bun

This works well on most lengths of hair. Brush back wet strands into a neat, low bun. Add a headband or leave as is. Whether she’s headed to the boardroom or soccer field, this is a look that works anywhere.

A Wearable Braid

French braids, loose braids, fishtails … braids are on trend right now, and anyone can wear them—even shorter lengths.  Give your client a braided look on her wet hair that’s suited to her lifestyle and hair cut—you’ll both enjoy the change of pace.

Hold a Style Session

All of these techniques are easily created by you, the stylist. But how about your client? Can she do a fishtail braid? Create the perfect bun? Does she know how to properly use the products that will achieve the final look?

As you’re working on your client, educate and guide her on the techniques and products you used. Better yet, hold style sessions in the salon to let clients get hands on and spend time working on specific techniques with your guidance.

Women are leading busy, full, lives. Beauty is a priority, but so is time. As their stylist and beauty guru, you can help. Lend your expertise so your guests have more time and less stress in their lives. They (and their hair) will thank you for it.