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15 Fun And Festive Salon Holiday Marketing Ideas

Once again, the holiday season is creeping upon us. Before we know it, we’ll be knee-deep in tinsel and wondering why we didn’t start preparing earlier. Think September is too soon for holiday planning? Your guests often start thinking about their holiday prep before Halloween. If you want your salon to be on the “nice” list, these 15 salon holiday marketing ideas will help you spread holiday cheer even before the first stocking is hung or candle is lit.

Why Holiday Promotions are a Good Idea for Salons

Holiday promotions are a great strategy for salon owners looking to drive business growth during the festive season. They attract new customers and prospective clients who are in a festive mood and more likely to indulge in a luxury salon experience.

Holiday specials offer an opportunity for existing customers to feel valued and appreciated, which can help to foster loyalty and encourage repeat business. Lastly, extended working hours during the holiday season can accommodate more clients, thereby increasing revenue potential.

Here are some more of the benefits of implementing holiday promotions in your salon business:

  • Attracting New Customers. Offering promotions such as a free haircut or discounted services can entice potential clients to try out your salon.
  • Boosting Customer Loyalty. Gift packs or special discounts for loyal customers make them feel appreciated and more likely to continue patronizing your business.
  • Increasing Revenue. Extended working hours during the festive season means you can serve more customers, leading to increased profits.
  • Marketing Advantage. Holiday promotions are effective marketing tools that not only boost sales but also increase brand visibility.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience. Creative ways of offering promotions, like referral discounts or little surprises to enhance the salon experience, can leave a lasting impression on clients.
  • Planning Ahead. Holiday promotions require salon owners to plan ahead, ensuring they’re prepared for the influx of business during the busy season.

As a salon owner, you know all too well that the beauty business thrives on making clients feel special. Holiday promotions can do just that while also giving your business a healthy boost.

1. Run a salon holiday gift cards promotion

Gift card promotions are an easy way to boost seasonal sales, to bring new faces into your salon, and to offer last-minute shopping opportunities for guests. Here are some ideas:

  • “Buy one get one free” (BOGO) gift cards
  • Discounted gift cards (pay $80 for a $100 gift card)
  • “Bonus” gift cards that round up (pay for an $80 gift card and get a separate $20 gift card for free)

2. Craft grab-and-go gift baskets

Grab-and-go gift baskets are one of the best salon holiday marketing ideas to help guests complete their holiday shopping.

Think themed baskets with some of your most popular retail products, and consider tying in with a gift card promo, too. Finish these off with a beautiful basket and card – and your guests will love giving these to their friends, family, teachers and coworkers.

3. Automate email marketing

Don’t wait until the last minute to tell your guests about upcoming holiday gifts, promotions, and specials. SalonBiz knows how busy life can get around the holidays, which is why we offer automated email marketing tools to help craft promo emails, appointment reminders, and welcome emails for new clients.

Because you can set these up months in advance, you’ll be ahead of the game when the holiday season hits.

Hair salon marketing utilizing email campaign best practices.

4. Run a charity event or fundraiser

It truly is better to give than receive. With so many people in need, it’s easy to organize fundraisers, community events, or food and gift drives right from your salon. For example, your salon can offer services or gift baskets as part of a silent auction, or stylists can donate their services. 

Consider partnering with another organization to hold a charity event. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Provide salon services to a nonprofit that helps at-risk people prepare for job interviews
  • Work with a local women’s shelter to collect donations for basic hygiene supplies
  • Partner with a foster care organization to conduct a drive for holiday gifts
  • Raffle off salon services in exchange for donations to local organizations

You can offer a small discount off their service for guests who bring in donations for a food or gift drive. Salon holiday marketing ideas that focus on those in need can help you get people excited about your salon – and also help raise up your community.

5. Create a holiday selfie station

Nothing makes a salon experience as special as a stunning before-and-after photo comparison. Set up a holiday-themed selfie station and encourage guests to post with your salon’s hashtag (or create one for the season!).

Bonus: randomly select one hashtagged guest post per week to win a free service or product.

happy young woman having salon hair wash

6. Add automated responses with promos

If you have not already done so, set up auto-replies on Facebook, Instagram, and email messages. These can handle the increase in questions about hours, services, and pricing during the holiday season. In these, include a link to your holiday promotions or coupons to encourage clicking.

Even if you only set up a welcome message, this helps guests feel more connected to your salon. Just make sure to reply to all messages on social media platforms and email in a timely manner.

7. Target holiday parties

When thinking through your salon holiday marketing ideas, find ways to remind guests to plan ahead for party prep.

For example, offer promotions on blowouts and extensions for holiday parties. You can also include group promotions or “happy hour” pricing for quick after-work, pre-party services. Or, encourage holiday self-care with pampering packages.

8. Add stocking stuffers to your checkout area

You can never have too many stocking stuffers! Add displays of small sizes of popular products right near the checkout area.

Consider adding local artisans’ and creators’ wares to expand your retail potential during the holidays.

9. Create holiday drawings for gift cards

In addition to social media drawings for posted selfies, add a weekly drawing at checkout for holiday gift cards. This can be for specific services, for add-ons, or for a set dollar amount.

wrapped gifts with just for you tag on it

10. Bump up your rewards program

Whether you already have a flourishing rewards program or are looking to kickstart a lackluster showing, the holiday season is a great time to start. As a seasonal promotion, double rewards points, offer extra points for specific services, or give bonuses for bundled services. Encourage guests to treat themselves with extra services that give them even more rewards for their next appointment.

Just starting out? Offer a “signing bonus” of rewards points towards specific services or upgrades. Find more info in our post on setting up a salon rewards program!

11. Consider an open house or drop-in

Terri Vajda of the award-winning Ihloff Salons in Oklahoma loves welcoming the community into her salon for some holiday cheer. Everyone is encouraged to dress up – something to look forward to throughout the season.

“We sent invitations out to everyone so they could plan for it. It was like, ‘We know it’s crazy right now, but when it’s done we’re going to celebrate!’”

12. Hide gifts in ornaments

Offer every guest in your salon the chance to win coupons, extra rewards, free services, and products. Hide coupons in ornaments or holiday decorations, and direct guests to choose one after their service.

Salon holiday marketing ideas like this can add a special touch to your amazing guest experience. People love a free gift, and, bonus, they’ll think of your salon when they hang the ornament on their tree.

Online giftcards for salons and spas

13. Offer mini-packages

Consider bundling quick versions of services for a little pick-me-up for guests. Consider things like a polish change and five-minute massage or a quick bang trim and style – services that encourage guests to take 20 minutes for themselves during the holidays.

14. Schedule staff holiday photos

Schedule a staff holiday photo for social media, marketing emails, and other communications. You can use individual photos on social media as a way for stylists to offer holiday wishes and connect with guests, too.

15. Deck the halls

Make sure to decorate your salon with festive or winter-themed décor. Offer warming drinks and cozy neck pillows. If holiday-specific music isn’t your style, choose other tunes that mean a warm welcome for guests.

Make your holiday season bright with SalonBiz

Salon holiday marketing ideas can help you introduce some holiday cheer while bringing in more revenue. Take some time before the mad rush to plan creative ways to welcome guests into your salon.  

Got the salon marketing ideas on hand, but need some help with the day-to-day? Let SalonBiz help you better manage daily operations so you can focus on building unique guest experiences.

Get in touch to make this the merriest holiday season ever with SalonBiz!

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