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Salon Email Marketing: 6 Tips To Get Your Emails Opened And Read

6 tips to get your emails opened and read

Salon email marketing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. By following a few simple guidelines, you can keep in touch with your guests with ease. The benefits are well worth it, too. Email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing method. If you’re tackling email marketing for hair salons, these are the best practices to help you get started. 

1. Subject Lines That Sparkle

The best emails will never get read if your guests don’t open them. Subject lines should be compelling and brief. They should also be exciting with a bit of sparkle that entices guests to open.

For example, is a popular product for sale? Do you have a new stylist with appointment availability? Tell your reader what they’re going to find when they open your email.

Be careful using grammar and punctuation in your subject lines. Multiple exclamation points, for example, can make your email seem untrustworthy. Finally, try to make it 30 characters or less for your mobile readers (more on that below!). 

Tip: Get in some practice by using CoSchedule’s email headline analyzer. This automated tool gives clear, concise feedback to help you nail the subject line. 

2. Clear Calls-To-Action 

Any newsletters and promotional emails should include a clear and specific call-to-action. For example, if the goal is to drive appointment requests, then make that really clear with a “Request an Appointment” button!

Tip: Limit the number of calls-to-action you include. The more you ask them to do, the less likely the reader is to do anything. Aim for one clear call-to-action per email, two at the most. 

3. Make It Gorgeous 

Your job is to create beauty, and that extends to your salon email marketing! Pay attention to the layout of your email, as well as how it functions. 

Does your image load correctly? Would your call-to-action stand out better on a button? Make sure your email looks professional and like something you would read.

Tip: Use pre-built templates that were made specifically for email marketing for hair salons. For example, SalonBiz comes preloaded with email layouts designed for hair salon promotions, appointment reminders, and more. 

4. Get To The Point

Everyone is busy these days, including your guests. By writing short, concise emails, you ensure that even when someone scans your message, they’re getting the main point.

Further, send emails that are timely and appropriate for your audience. Relevant messages could include specials on services they’ve had before, appointment reminders, upcoming events, and new retail products available in your salon. 

Tip: Have a team member read your message when it’s done. Ask them to scan it to ensure it makes sense when read quickly and highlights your key points. 

5. Design For Mobile 

The majority of people are opening emails on their smartphones. There’s nothing more frustrating (and unprofessional) than not being able to read an email because it’s designed for a desktop computer. 

Don’t make that mistake: design first for mobile every time. Mobile-first emails are short on copy in the body and subject line. They include plenty of white space. And, they’re set up in one column only for easier scrolling. 

Tip: Mobile devices usually only show 25-30 characters of your subject line, so make sure yours  is short and engaging to get those clicks. 

6. Accelerate With Automation 

Your time as a salon owner is valuable. Effective salon email marketing is not only achievable–it’s easier than ever with email automation tools! 

Choose a tool with a variety of premade, ready-to-send emails that were made for salons. The best salon marketing tools allow you to automate birthday emails, thank you notes, follow-up surveys, and overdue appointment reminders. 

Tip: Automate your process with SalonBiz to make your salon email marketing a breeze. 

Salon Email Marketing Is Easier With SalonBiz

Stay in touch with your guests after they leave the chair with email marketing. 

SalonBiz’s simple, yet powerful, email marketing tools were built for salons first. You’ll be able to add your own branding to emails, manage referral programs, automate key reminders, and monitor your email open rates and conversions within our salon software.

Ready to keep the conversation going with your guests? Set up your SalonBiz demo today!


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