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How To Design And Roll Out A Beauty Salon Rewards Program

Today’s consumer landscape is all about choices, especially in the beauty industry. Knowing this, it’s so important to reward your loyal guests.

Whether it’s through discounts or free products and services, crafting a great beauty salon rewards program for them is more important than ever. Not only can it lead to better guest retention rates, but it typically gives people a reason to spend more!

Read on for a complete guide to rolling out a beauty loyalty program in your salon.  

How beauty loyalty programs make an impact

Through thick and thin, your most loyal guests keep your salon buzzing and your books full. Retaining and building this base is also the key to stable revenue in the future. This is why it’s so important to invest in your relationships with those who are filling your chairs right now. A beauty salon rewards program is one of the best ways to do this.

In fact, 87% of consumers report that they want brands to have loyalty programs. And 54% of consumers say they would consider doing more business with a company if they offered loyalty rewards.

Great beauty loyalty programs also give you an opportunity to stay connected to your best guests. With their phone numbers, emails, and addresses at your fingertips, you have ways to stay in touch. Use this as an opportunity to provide information about great new services, products you offer, and seasonal specials.

How to set up a salon rewards program

There are several ways to think about and design beauty loyalty programs.

For some salons, for example, a simple punch card will do the trick. You’ll often see this method used at nail salons. The punch card has a number of slots that must be punched before you reach a free service. It’s an easy and relatively cheap way to reward loyal guests.

Other salons offer a different number of points for certain services. For instance, a guest who refers a friend who ends up coming in for an appointment might earn 200 points. Or guests could earn 500 points for leaving a social media review.

The right setup for your salon rewards program will simply depend on your business goals and preferences.

Ideas for how guests can earn rewards points

Once you have a method for rolling out your salon VIP program, it’s time to let your guests start earning! Here are some of the ways you can encourage them to earn more points towards discounts and freebies:

Paying for beauty services

From cut and color to facials, give your guests a way to get future discounts on those appointments they’re already making. Be sure to factor in small value-added services as well. Whether it’s a special hair mask treatment or neck massage, they should also get rewards for these special add-ons.

Buying products

Retail is a big money maker for any salon. For this reason, some salons provide even bigger rewards for product purchases. For example, guests can earn two points for every dollar spent on retail.

This will encourage your guests to spend money on shampoo, conditioner, and much more if they can’t get rewards for these essentials anywhere else.

Referring new guests

Referrals aren’t just flattering; they’re imperative to any thriving salon! Your loyal repeat guests will be more willing to spread the word about your business if there are perks in it for them.

Be sure to ask new guests, “how did you hear about us?” When you find out it was a referral, take note and provide perks. Whether it’s a certain number of points or a discount on their next service, they’ll appreciate it.

Posting a review

When a guest takes the time to provide a glowing online review, it’s important to thank them! No matter how easy you make it, the process still takes a few minutes out of their day.

Acknowledge positive reviews within your loyalty program by providing additional points or rewards.

Pre-booking an appointment

SalonBiz can also automatically track and award points to your guests each time they prebook their next appointment. Be sure to remind them to pre-book and rack up some points before they leave your chair! 

Celebrating a birthday

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, provide “just because” points to salon guests for certain occasions. The most popular bonus points you’ll find are usually for birthdays. Your guests will love getting an email on their special day announcing that they’ve racked up a few extra points for simply being born.

How to get the word out 

Once your beauty salon rewards program is in place, it’s time to spread the word. Your stylists and other staff members should mention the program during every appointment. It’s also important to advertise the new perks on your website, social media pages, emails, and other marketing materials. 

Rather than pushing the “sign up now” sales pitch, show off the benefits of joining! Share photos of some of the free products your guests love or snap a photo of your loyal guest modeling her free blowout. This demonstrates how people can truly benefit from joining your program.

Make rewarding guests easy with SalonBiz

Ready to start a beauty salon rewards program, but not sure where to begin? Let SalonBiz do the start-up work! With our customizable beauty salon reward program software, you can enable points for every service and retail purchase. From there, guests can redeem points for products or discounts on future appointments.

You’ll even reap the benefits of having a salon loyalty app that puts your guests in control with Pocket Salon, which makes it easy for guests to track and redeem points from their phone.

Ready to learn more about what SalonBiz has to offer? Schedule a demo today!

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