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5 Salon Decor Ideas to Wow Your Guests All Year Long

You’re in the business of beauty and every day you make guests feel fantastic in their own skin. The interior design of your salon can play a big role in their experience, too. No matter your budget or aesthetic, the effort you put into elevating your salon’s decor goes a long way toward making guests feel relaxed and special. Here are five salon decor ideas to get your creative wheels spinning.

Create A Vision Board Of Salon Decor Ideas 

As you begin to think about salon decor ideas, start by focusing on the big picture. This helps you turn your style and goals into small, actionable steps. A vision board is a great way to get your creative juices flowing!

Consider the overall vibe or theme of your salon. Is your concept similar to a luxurious high-end spa? Do you have a modern, cutting-edge salon in the middle of a bustling city? Perhaps your approach is family-friendly, accommodating guests of all ages. Look for inspiration that sparks your imagination both online and in magazines. Cut and paste these images or words to a large poster board or save to your Pinterest board.

Ultimately this vision board should be a driving force as you start making decisions. If you’re working with contractors, interior designers, or other partners, make sure you share it with them!

1. Make A Lasting First Impression

First impressions are everything. You want your guests to feel something from the moment they step foot in your salon. This all starts with the reception area that usually includes a front desk, comfy chairs, brochures, and magazines.

You want this area to immediately feel warm and inviting, even if you’re going for an edgier vibe.

Ditching the Front Desk

Limited on space or an extra set of hands? You’re in luck! The modern salon receptionist desk is much different than it used to be. More salons are choosing to forego the traditional receptionist for comprehensive salon check-in apps. This is particularly helpful while considering small salon decor ideas!

How do you tackle the change? SalonBiz makes it easier than ever. For example, add a strategically placed table near the front of your salon. This is where you will keep a desktop computer or tablet for guests to check in or pay for their services. When guests arrive, they can search for their appointment using the first few letters of their name and their stylist will be notified of their arrival. You can also add a cute sign to give guests a little nudge as they walk in.

2. Harness The Power Of Salon Retail Merchandising

Retail is a big part of your revenue, so it’s important to showcase the fantastic products you offer when decorating your salon. By creating a designated retail space that is both beautiful and organized, these gorgeous objects themselves can act as decor. And don’t forget to mix things up every once in a while. Your guests are probably visiting every six to eight weeks, so aim for rearranging things that often.

Your guests should want to peruse this space every time they arrive to check out what’s new. Take advantage of seasonal offerings, such as summer hair must-haves. From sprays that create beachy waves to hydrating leave-in conditioners, find a way to put these products in the spotlight! The holidays are also a great opportunity to highlight party must-haves, including headbands and embellished clips.

Keep it Organized with SalonBiz Inventory Control

SalonBiz’s merchandising tool makes it easy to keep your retail area neat and tidy by taking the guesswork out of managing your stock. You can quickly add, edit, and delete inventory as needed. With simple and intuitive inventory reports, you’ll never have to wonder about top sellers vs. underperformers. Tracking is simple!

You can also edit your inventory to manage everything from discounted prices to discontinued products. Have multiple salon locations? No problem. Pull reports and track products across multiple salons to determine how you’re doing. Plus, SalonBiz makes inventory management mobile with the Stylist App. Improve your efficiency by staying in the know 24/7.

3. Give Your Stylists A Beautiful Space

Your guests spend the vast majority of their time in the chair. From foiling to cutting and styling, this is where the magic happens! Each stylist should have a space that reflects the overall design of the salon, while allowing for a few personal touches.

Here are some salon decor ideas to consider in these stylist spaces:

  • Stunning framed mirrors that match your theme
  • Beautiful countertops that reflect light and open up the space
  • Innovative tool storage, such as overhead blow dryers
  • Unique capes that reflect your salon’s color scheme or style
  • Pops of dimension such as small potted plants, distinctive lighting, or other decorative accessories

Don’t forget, your guests also need a way to store their belongings during their services! Consider a small table or a hidden hook under the counter to stow bags and other items.

4. Create A VIP Experience At Every Point

No detail is too small. Your overall theme should carry through every aspect of your salon, far beyond the chairs and reception area. Look for ways to set the mood and create an indulgent experience at every stop, including washing stations and under the dryer.

For example, a salon going for a relaxing spa-like experience can capitalize on the shampoo bowl experience. Consider keeping this area dim and quiet for peak relaxation. Again, it’s all in the details. Choose towels and other accessories that match the rest of your salon decor ideas.

Guests who spend a lot of time under the dryer will also appreciate an elevated experience. Find beautiful magazine racks to display reading materials or include a nearby beverage station. Your guests will love sipping on a cup of tea or a glass of cucumber water as they wait for their color to set.

Design a Stunning Insta-Worthy Corner

After being pampered and beautified in the chair, your guests are ready for their close-up! Stage a space for share-worthy “after” photos to circulate on the ‘gram.  You don’t need a large area; even a tiny corner will do the trick. The most important things to consider are good lighting and an Insta-ready backdrop.

Neon signs, wallpaper, and striking pops of color can all do the trick. Throw in a trendy bohemian chair or prop to take it up a notch!

Don’t forget, this is a free marketing opportunity. Strategically place a small sign in the area that reminds guests of your salon branded hashtag. This will help your happy guest photos circulate on social media, boosting your brand recognition to bring in even more clientele.

5. Use Seamless Tools To Boost Efficiency

Once you’ve brought your salon decor ideas to life, it’s time to get organized. Fortunately, SalonBiz can help you every step of the way! From card-on-file technology to automated appointment reminders, your guests will love their elevated and seamless experience.

Ready to learn how SalonBiz can help you create a fantastic guest experience from start to finish? Send us a message to schedule a demo!


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