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Making money while you sleep is not a business dream. For salon owners, it can be part of regular daily sales totals, especially when you educate customers on the value of gift cards and make it simple for them to purchase online.

It’s easy to set up all types of gift card options through SalonBiz that appeal to a guest’s desires and how they prefer to use gift cards. For example, salons can encourage purchasing gift cards as a special treat for a loved one or friend, a new Mom, or during special times of the year like holidays, birthdays, or weddings.

Another option is to create a short-term salon marketing promotion where buying a gift card allows a guest to earn bonus gift cards for personal use.

The best part is that through SalonBiz, you have a variety of marketing templates available through the Communications Suite to feature gift card promotions while controlling exactly how the gift card will work for the customer.

Here’s a quick and easy guide on gift card promotions through SalonBiz, and how you can “set-it-and-forget-it” to earn additional revenue while you focus on daily business operations.

  1. Set up a specific discount amount in your eCommerce store in SalonBiz.
  2. Go to the central admin menu, click “online booking,” then click “settings.”
  3. Jump to step #8 called “gift cards” and click “edit.”
  4. Select your newly created discount from the drop-down menu.
  5. Choose start and end dates for the promotion.

This set-up ensures any gift cards purchased during the time frame outlined will be discounted automatically, like a coupon.

Not convinced it’s worth the set-up time?

Here’s a testimonial from Stacey Coronado of 20 Volume Salon and Spa; four Locations in AZ.

Stacey ran a gift card promo on Black Friday Weekend that featured 20% off of online gift cards. The run time was Thursday to Monday. Her goal was $5,000, and she actually made $12,000. This was Stacey’s first time ever launching the gift card feature! She ran another promo on Christmas Eve and sold an additional $5,000. Her only cost – a featured post through both Facebook/Instagram posts and email, with a $50 cost to boost it on Facebook. The rest was pure revenue. With a little extra marketing boost, clients were able to find out about the promotion and Stacey made money while she slept!

Bonus Gift Card Promotions Attract Current and New Guests

Want to offer customers a larger incentive to purchase gift cards? Try bonus gift card promotions in SalonBiz. You can set up marketing promotions including “’Buy a $25 gift card and receive a $5 bonus gift card” to incentivize clients to return or attract new ones.

Bonus gift cards are emailed to the purchaser on the day of purchase and are cumulative per order. In other words, guests will receive ALL eligible bonus gift cards for each level met. For example, if the lowest level requires a $20 purchase to get $5, and the highest level requires a $100 purchase to get $20, a guest purchasing $120 will receive $25 in bonus gift cards.

All bonus gift cards are calculated on the original price of gift cards purchased before any discounts are applied, so guests receive the full bonus gift earned.

To Get the Bonus Gift Card Feature Set-up in SalonBiz:

  1. From the Central Admin menu, go to “Online Booking,” “Bonus Gift Cards” and then click “Edit.
  2. Enter a Start and End date.
  3. Next, enter the number of days the bonus gift card is valid. To set the card to not expire, enter 0 in the box.
  4. Select the gift card type. We recommend you select a type from the eCommerce store.
  5. Enter the Buy and Get amounts. The total amount of all purchased gift cards on the online order will determine bonus gift card eligibility.
  6. Select an image for the Bonus Gift Card, between 101×50 and 380×380 from the available featured images in SalonBiz.
  7. Enter a message that will display on the gift card.
  8. Click Save, and then click “Yes” to confirm the new information.

Remember, online bonus gift cards are email only!

Email Confirmation During the Purchase Process

  • The purchaser will receive an order confirmation email with the details of the gift card purchases.
  • The purchaser will also receive an email with the bonus gift card(s).
  • The gift card recipient will receive an email with the gift card that was purchased for them, ready to use.

Tickets and Reporting Online Bonus Gift Cards

Bonus gift cards are put on the same ticket in SalonBiz as the purchased gift card, but with a $0.00 sell price. This is to ensure online gift card purchase tickets look the same as in-store tickets; if you are doing the same promotion in stores. This will also ensure all reporting looks the same for in salon and online gift card sales.

Bonus gift cards are placed under the purchaser’s file in SalonBiz. If purchasing without logging in online, the gift card will not be placed under a guest file but can be located in SalonBiz using the serial number.

Gift card promotions are easy to implement for any salon and are a great boost to sales all year long. The only limitation is your imagination around how to use gift cards to increase your salon’s revenue!