Plan for a Profitable Year-End With These 5 Strategies

As the end of 2022 rapidly approaches, you’re probably focused on holiday inventory, accommodating your guests’ schedules and hitting your budget goals. It’s a stressful time of year—but it doesn’t have to be. Make the next few months of the holiday rush run more efficiently with these strategies.

1) Know Your Holiday Inventory and Plan Accordingly: Planning to carry holiday gift sets this year? Adding extra travel-size products for stocking stuffers? Start planning now. Use your salon software to run a report on your holiday sales from last year and set a new goal for 2023. Order inventory accordingly, and prep your staff on retail expectations for the season. Trying something new? Make sure to market new items to your clientele so they don’t miss out.

2) Map Out Your Marketing: What are your goals for the last quarter of the year? Do you want to convert more clients to color? Sell a certain amount of retail? Boost your men’s business? Whatever your goals are, create a marketing plan to help you reach them. Use our Communications Suite to maximize your time during this busy season. This powerful tool allows you to sit down for a few hours and map out a marketing campaign for the entire quarter, and then set it and forget it.

You can also customize each marketing campaign with images (500,000 to choose from) from Communications Suite so your emails have maximum impact.

Stay on top of social media platforms as well. Clients are always looking for deals and promotions during the holiday season.

3) Schedule Year-End Reviews: It’s easy to go on autopilot at the end of the year—especially in December when the stream of clients coming through the door feels endless. So before you get to that point, set up year-end reviews with your team to go over their goals for the year, and what they need to do to achieve them. Print out reports with their client retention, retail numbers, prebooking rates and service revenue so they have numbers to reference as you discuss where they are and where they’re going in 2023.

4) Evaluate 2022: Set aside some time to see how your salon did this year. Did you hit the retail numbers you set out to reach? Did your service dollars show significant growth? How many new hires did you have? How many employees left or were fired? These data points, among others, will give you a clear picture of your business in 2022. Marketing reports will show you which campaigns were successful. Online reviews reveal which stylists are killing it in customer service. Tap into this powerful information to guide your business in 2023.

5) Set 2023 Goals: Now that you’re armed with information, it’s time to make some decisions about the upcoming year. How many clients do you want to see per month? What percentage of prebooking do you want to hit? What should your retail numbers be? How about total revenue per month and year? Set all these goals, and have a plan for how you’re going to achieve them.

Is this the year you’re going to redesign your website? Hire a social media coordinator? Create new marketing campaigns? Introduce a client app? Once you’ve set your goals, strategize how to achieve them with your team, and explore all the reports and marketing capabilities your software has to offer.

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