Maximize Your Marketing Strategy with Communications Suite from SalonBiz

SalonBiz keeps your business humming along daily, booking clients, recording important data, keeping track of inventory and more. All these tools are important, and every owner has a favorite feature. But are there features you aren’t using enough?

Communications Suite is an often under-utilized tool within SalonBiz Central that can transform your salon’s marketing efforts. If you haven’t put it into action, it’s time to take the plunge. We’ve broken down the features and benefits of Communications Suite so you can see just how simple it is to execute a comprehensive marketing plan with a little cyber assistance.

Custom Marketing:

Whether you’re sending a promo to your top clients or letting your entire database know about your summer retail sale, it’s easy to create a marketing message for any reason. Communications Suite has customizable templates that allows you to drag and drop content and images, including a photo library with 500,000 photos (at no additional cost), and add your salon’s messaging and branding. For automated messages that go out daily or weekly, like birthday cards and thank-you’s, standard templates are also available.

And if you have an action item on your template, like “try a color gloss,” clients can simply click on the words and go straight to your website to book the appointment—simple for the salon and the guest.

Automated messages:

Set it and forget it! With the marketing templates in Communications Suite, you will never have to worry about birthday emails, thank-you notes or overdue client reminders again. And if you have any other recurring events or messages, it’s simple to create the template and set it for the dates you want at the beginning of each quarter or month, freeing up your time to work on other areas of your business.

Your Personal Planner:

One of the biggest benefits of Communications Suite is the time you’ll save. With a little bit of planning, you can sit down for a few hours and map out a marketing campaign for the entire quarter. If you’d rather take it a month or week at a time, you can do that, too. And you can always go back and make adjustments to templates you’ve created if needed.

Confirmation in a Click:

Automatic text reminders reduce no-show rates and allow clients the convenience of confirming via text. And your front desk can focus on the guests in the salon rather than make confirmation calls.

Understanding Your ROI:

Seeing and understanding your return on investment is key when planning your marketing campaigns. SalonBiz has a report that shows you the open rate on your email marketing campaigns and how many appointments were scheduled in a 48-hour period after one was sent. By capturing that specific window, you can see if your campaign was successful with the clients you targeted. This report also gives you the information you need to make small adjustments to future marketing efforts.

SalonBiz Support:

Easy to learn, most users go into Communications Suite and figure it out simply by playing with the templates. But if you run into a problem or feel overwhelmed, just pick up the phone and call SalonBiz. They will walk you through the template, give you tips on the best times to send out a campaign, and answer any other questions you may have about achieving a successful campaign launch.

Automated Reviews and Feedback:

Sent automatically via email, this tool will allow you to get instant, actionable feedback from your guests and generate Five Star online reviews on Google and Facebook. You can reward your happy clients and address less satisfied ones in real time.

Communications Suite is designed to connect and engage your salon with clients in a meaningful way. Through feedback and reports on marketing campaigns, you can continue to improve upon and provide the most upscale experiences for your guests.

To learn more about Communications Suite, contact us.

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