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How To Transition Clients To A New Salon: 7 Tips

Your salon has taken the time to build solid relationships with guests, and now the time has come to move. Maybe you’re moving to a new building or opening an additional salon that might be more convenient for them (and profitable for you!). Understanding how to transition clients to a new salon is more than just letting them know what you’re doing and hoping for the best. Here are seven tips for handling the transition when it’s time to make a move.

1. Tell them at the chair

When deciding how to transition clients to a new salon, it all starts in the chair. Your stylists have developed relationships with their regular guests. Chances are good they’ll know if the new location or the move will benefit their client.

You already know it’s good practice to review guest info before appointments, but now this part of prepping guests for services is even more important. Using SalonBiz makes it simple. Your stylists can check guest notes on our Stylist app before appointments to tailor your moving message to each guest.

Your job? Help your stylists understand what information guests need to know, and ensure that each stylist knows the best way to pass it on.  

2. Hit their inbox

With digital tools, sharing a new salon announcement is even easier.

Among internet users in the U.S., over 90% use email. And when it comes to how consumers prefer to be contacted, over half choose email. Email is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with your guests. Better yet, it’s also one of the most successful in terms of response.

With SalonBiz, we can help you reach your guests through our email marketing tools. Send email updates about your new salon announcement, including pics of the new space, thoughts from your stylists, promotions, and more.

Templates make this a snap. Easy to use and customizable, SalonBiz’s email templates are designed to engage your guests with eye-catching photos and easy-to-navigate features. You can even set up specific automatic messaging around your new salon.

3. Get social

Your stylists are adding a personal touch by talking to guests in the chair, and your email marketing is all set. Now what?

Get social! Instagram Reels, Stories, and posts are all great for generating buzz around your new space — and that’s just one platform! Use branded beauty salon hashtags (or tags exclusive to your new studio or area) to give guests a sneak peek of your new location’s progress.

Consider posting the following types of content, tailored to your salon’s tone and message:

  • Guided tours of the new space
  • Fun facts about the salon (or any new team members)
  • Brand stories to highlight a new product line
  • Open-ended questions or guest surveys
  • Share your announcement with location-specific hashtags to reach customers in your new area (like #BaltimoreHairSalons)

Figure out the best times to post to social media accounts, and schedule a regular slate of posts. Consistency is key, so plan content and post on a regular basis.

4. Offer discounts with your new salon announcement

Everyone appreciates a promotional discount. And with some creativity, this is a perfect solution for how to transition clients to a new salon.

Even if guests have already planned to make the move with their stylists, promotions are an opportunity to show them how much you appreciate their continued support. You might offer a buy-one-get-one set of services, throw in a free add-on, or hold a gift card drawing for everyone who schedules an appointment at the new location.

SalonBiz’s salon management software has everything you need to enhance your guests’ experience with promo codes, easy scheduling, and touchless technology. Our salon point-of-sale system also keeps track of which clients have redeemed their discount — and at which locations — so you can follow the success of your special offers.

5. Focus on referrals

Your current guests are your best source for new clients. Offer discounts, promotions, rewards points, or other incentives to increase referrals from guests who are already loyal to your salon. This is a great way to build the brand in your new salon location.

6. Add to your stylists’ repertoire of services

A new location is a prime opportunity to expand your services, and there is no need to look further than your already-talented team of stylists. Does your research show that the new location is optimal for a service you don’t currently offer? If so, ask stylists if they’d like to add to their certifications or try something new.

Upskilling the team you already have is just good salon management, and it makes for happier stylists, too. Take this opportunity to help your team expand.

7. Update your location online

To capitalize on your new location and maximize both foot traffic and scheduled appointments, make sure to optimize your business listing online.

This means adding your new location to any online listings and ensuring that it includes contact information, a physical address, and hours of operation. When deciding how to transition clients to a new salon, don’t forget this simple but important step!

Moz is a free tool to check out how your business listing appears online.  

When you move, we move with you

SalonBiz’s full suite of salon management software seamlessly integrates everything from scheduling to check-ins to making big announcements. Our multi-location management tools and focus on your client’s lifecycle mean that we’ve got you covered with an elevated experience for stylists and their guests. We are ready to help you grow with real-time, centralized tools for your salon.

If you have questions about how to transition clients to a new salon or what tools you might need, we’d love to help. To explore all the ways that SalonBiz can support your move, contact us today to schedule a demo!


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