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5 Tips For Smashing Your Hair Salon Recruitment Goals

Teamwork is essential to the success of any salon. While there’s a lot you can do to create this type of environment every day, you need to start with a strong foundation. Finding standout stylists is one of the most important parts of managing a salon. But how do you recruit hair stylists who will make an outsized impact for your guests and keep them coming back for more? This post covers the best hair salon recruitment tips to find and grow your team!

1. Look in all the right places

Plug in to your small business community and stay active! Whether it’s your local Chamber of Commerce or another networking group, an important part of hair salon recruitment is staying engaged. Attend events and always be willing to strike up a conversation with someone new.

Further, build a relationship with your local cosmetology school. Put out a table at their career fair or volunteer to be a guest speaker in the classroom. By staying in front of budding talent, your salon will be top of mind when they’re searching for their first job!

Then, don’t forget about the power of the internet. Targeted ads on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Indeed can be incredibly valuable if you’re wondering how to hire hair stylists. You can set these ads to appear for a specific area and demographic to help you find applicants nearby.

Finally, sometimes you don’t have to look very far! Talk about openings with your current stylists to see if they have anyone in mind. A fantastic referral may be just a few conversations away.

2. Put your best foot forward

Every job posting for salon staff recruitment should be thorough and well-crafted. Aim to overshare! Brag about your salon vibe, culture, and growth opportunities. Be open and honest about the days and/or hours you’re searching for (if there is a specific need), and don’t forget to include salary information. Include any details about commission opportunities for referrals or product sales, too.

Need to tidy up your digital footprint? Now is the time! It’s important to make sure your website and social media pages reflect the awesome company culture you have. Make sure all of your contact information is correct, as well as your address and hours of operation. Include information about the services you offer.

3. Know what to look for

Once you have interest from potential stylists, it’s time to schedule interviews. This is a crucial part of recruiting stylists because you have to know what you’re looking for. While every salon has a unique need, there are some character traits that are necessary for any stylist to possess. To start, be on the lookout for timeliness, a friendly demeanor, and a go-getter attitude.

Beyond these things, think of other personality traits or elements that are important to your team.

Perhaps you’re searching for a stylist with experience in hair extensions or a master colorist. On the other hand, maybe you just need someone who can commit to working Saturdays. Think of your perfect candidate and jot down a list to reference as you begin the hairdressing recruitment process.

4. Provide opportunities for growth

It’s essential to invest in your team on a personal and professional level. Through expanded education and training opportunities, you’ll create a team of highly-skilled stylists. This in turn helps you offer more services and boost revenue!

Whether it’s a small workshop or large convention, show your team that you want to invest in their career by paying for them to attend. Make it a point to understand their personal goals and be proactive about helping them reach them with ongoing check-ins and growth plans.

As you go through the interview process for your hair salon recruitment, have a conversation about this aspect of your business. Let potential team members know that you’re interested in helping each stylist learn and reach professional goals. Talk about any team building events you host or bonuses you provide for amazing work.

Get them excited about the prospect of joining your team, and you’ll hook the best talent in your area!

5. Your salon recruiting plan goes beyond day one

If you’re truly committed to building a successful salon recruiting plan, you have to track performance over time. Fortunately, SalonBiz’s salon management software makes it easy to set and track goals for your stylists (whether they’re short-term or long-term).

What’s more, your team members can use the Stylist App to stay on top of their own performance as well! From guest count to product sales and prebooking percentages, all of this important information is easy to access. This encourages everyone to set goals and engage in a little friendly competition across your team.

Further, SalonBiz makes it easy to send out guest surveys. This allows you to see what guests really think about your stylists, services, and much more. They can even write a review to help spread the word about how much they loved their services!

Improve your hair salon recruitment process with SalonBiz

If you’re looking to modernize your business, SalonBiz is key to navigating the ever-changing beauty industry. When you create a streamlined experience, you’ll find that hair salon recruitment comes naturally. Smooth processes attract great stylists and loyal guests!

This is how SalonBiz can revolutionize your business:

  • Integrated payment options
  • Online and mobile scheduling
  • Automated appointment reminders and guest surveys
  • Email marketing tools and templates
  • Mobile inventory management
  • Intuitive financial reports and performance metrics
  • Online gift cards and promotional offers
  • Centralized data for multi-location salons

Simply put, our software can help you do it all! If you want to retain loyal stylists and increase guest bookings, SalonBiz can lead the way.

Ready to level up? Contact us today to learn more about SalonBiz or schedule a demo!



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