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4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Hair Salons 

One crucial aspect of running a successful salon these days is social media marketing. 82% of the U.S. population currently uses social media, which means a majority of your target clientele will be on it too. Engaging with your audience on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and so on, is a great way to spread brand awareness and bring in new and repeat clients. 

Creating salon social media posts can feel daunting though, especially when you have a salon to manage and customers to see. In this article, we’re going to make it easier by offering tips for using social media to market your salon! 

SalonBiz | Social Media

Social Media Marketing Tip 1: Define Your Brand & Voice 

Before you start creating social media posts, it’s important to be clear about your brand personality and voice. For instance, you’ll want to decide on set colors and fonts to use so you can keep everything cohesive for your audience. These are the types of elements people will use to identify and remember you. 

You also want to make sure you’re consistent with the voice you use. For example, are you a professional and high-end brand, or is your brand more down-to-earth and sarcastic? There’s no wrong answer, but your voice should be based on what your ideal clients like, and then used consistently once you make a decision.  

Social Media Marketing Tip 2: Create for Your Target Audience 

Your social media target audience is the group of people you want your posts to reach. These should be people who are most likely to become your clients and thus will find the most value in your content. Creating salon social media posts for the general public is not an effective use of time or resources. You need to home in on users who have the greatest chance of becoming clients. 

To figure out your social media target audience, look to trends and similarities among your clients. Do you mostly service middle-aged women? Young adults looking for fashion colors? Modern men’s cuts? People of higher or lower incomes? Narrowing down these demographics will help you create social media content for the right audience. 

Social Media Marketing Tip 3: Batch Content 

When creating salon social media posts, it’s best to batch create content. Content batching is when you create multiple days’ worth of content in one sitting. For example, every week, you could take one or two hours to create and schedule all your posts for the following week. Then, if you are feeling extra inspired, you can try to create your posts for the entire month.  

Content batching is a great technique for social media marketing, especially for beginners, for several reasons. First, it ensures you have enough content to post consistently throughout the week. Second, creating all the content at once makes it easier to keep it cohesive for your audience, as you’ll know exactly what the last post they saw was. Finally, content batching will save you time and stress throughout the week, as you’ll take care of all your social media content at once. 

SalonBiz | Social Media

Social Media Marketing Tip 4: Use Themes to Set a Social Media Schedule  

Batch creating may sound overwhelming, but it can be much easier if you create your content around themes. For example, rather than coming up with a unique idea for every day of the week, the theme will help guide you and make it easier to create new posts. Here are some ideas of themes to go off of when creating social media content: 

  • Client transformations 
  • Haircare tips 
  • Favorite hair products 
  • Holidays 
  • Days of the week (e.g., transformation Tuesday, throwback Thursday) 
  • Meet the salon employees 
  • Contests 

Social Media Marketing Tip 4: Do More of What Works 

There’s no shame in recycling great social media content that had high audience engagement. As you’re creating and posting content, keep track of what types of content perform the best. Do people love your client #transformationtuesday photos? Do a client transformation week. Have you been getting a ton of comments when you post haircare tips? Make it a series. 

It might take you some time to figure out what kind of content your social media audience likes and responds to. But once you do, future content creation will be faster and easier, and your content will be more engaging. 


Streamline Salon Marketing with SalonBiz 

Social media should be just one aspect of your marketing strategy if you want your salon to reach its full potential. SalonBiz can help streamline your marketing efforts so you can reach more clients with less work. 

With our built-in marketing features, you can easily create personalized and automated email campaigns, create referral programs, cross-promote services, analyze purchasing trends, generate five-star reviews, and more. 

Book a demo today to see how SalonBiz can take your salon marketing and operations to the next level! 



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