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When it comes to innovation, Vivian Yeh is always ahead of the curve. As a 21 year SalonBiz user and owner of three locations for Josephine’s Day Spa and Salon, she leverages several SalonBiz features to help make her salons successful, year after year.

Recently, SalonBiz released a new Communications Suite to directly support and increase communication between salons and their customers, as well as the staff. It provides three major components that boost productivity, and results in cost savings for salons and spas through automation and ease of use.

Communications Suite users now have access to: 

  • Email marketing templates and images for newsletters, email templates, and personalized messages
  • Automated appointment reminders and confirmations
  • Automated reviews and guest feedback

Yeh and staff have been using, and loving, all of these features since becoming beta testers earlier this year. Here is a bit about their personal experience. 

Yeh deeply appreciates the level of customer support SalonBiz provides quickly and easily, and the tutorials offered in the software to speed up staff learning and practical integration of new features.

Salon Manager Daniella Coca loves how easy it is to run sales and customer reports, then leverage results directly to create relevant, targeted marketing emails from a large list of available templates and images. The “short screens” or short cuts in the software also make it easier for staff to check in guests, send them on their way and/or cue up scheduling for their next appointment.

Fellow Salon Manager Karen Ayala loves the Stylist App that allows clients to check in on mobile phones and tablets to ease the on-boarding process and elevate customer service. With fast access to important client notes, stylists have everything they need at the touch of an iPad or phone, rather than sifting through outdated paper notes.

In-House Marketing Elevated With Automatic Feedback Feature

Building on the power of cultivating client relationships through marketing, Yeh and Coca have found that creating relevant marketing campaigns and targeting relevant customers is now so much easier, and a very simple, yet powerful, way to increase business.

Portrait of Vivian Yeh owner of Josephine's salon

Yey says, “Before we had the new marketing tools offered in the Communications Suite, we had to use a 3rd party to integrate into the system. It cost extra money and required extra steps to market effectively. Having simple, diverse marketing and communications tools all in one platform makes so much more sense for the staff and customers interested in our special offers and features.”

For example, adds Yeh, recently we created a Teen and Tween facial campaign that was very successful. We easily built a newsletter using “drag and drop” methods and leveraging the 3000 pre-loaded and approved images. The staff saves time on having to create a template from scratch, and we don’t have to search for photos, or worry they’ve expired past seasonal Aveda requirements.

Listen360 Integrated With SalonBiz Software

In addition, Listen360 is now integrated with SalonBiz software, offering guests the opportunity to provide instant feedback or ask questions, and all information is stored in one place. In Yeh’s experience, she’s found this one of the most powerful features yet.

“I’m so in love with Listen360 and the feedback and reviews feature. We can ask clients to offer a rating for their guest experience, and then add questions or recommendations. We’ve been receiving 6 – 10 reviews on a daily basis – most of them really good.”

Yeh adds, “We use reviews to change up the system and clearly communicate actions to customers. Now we can take what we learn and implement it into training. The salon staff has been using it for about a month, and we have gotten so much information. It opens a communication channel that would not be there otherwise.”

Pocket Salon App

In addition, the ability to customize the Pocket Salon app to feature Josephine’s branding has been a very powerful add-on. Guests can book appointments, upload product needs, and check in and out on their own. It’s extremely helpful just in case the internet goes down, too! The Pocket Salon app is also directly connected to Facebook and Instagram, and brings next level interaction to clients in the exact ways they prefer.

The SalonBiz Communications Suite offers a collection of tools to improve overall customer service and now provides direct access to raw, honest feedback from guests that can be turned into instant changes in a business model or process. What’s more powerful than that for a salon owner?

To learn more about the Communications Suite, contact us.