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Salon owners are always looking for ways to improve guest interactions in person and online, then turn those connections into dollars and dedicated fans.

What’s the best place to start? Email marketing.

It’s one of the easiest and most powerful ways to build customer relationships long-term. Done well, it serves as a great sales funnel for your salon and provides a consistent open line of communication with interested clients.

The hidden “super power” of email marketing is that clients choose to “opt-in” and stay up to date with your salon’s unique offerings. A willing, captive audience is a huge asset for any business owner, and one that offers a definite edge in the salon industry.

Between talent, special limited time offers, new product announcements, and special events that help spark initial interest and awareness, email marketing is what helps build and lock in a faithful, dedicated following. It also creates a gateway for additional traffic on social channels including Facebook and Instagram, if you include links to your profiles in the email.

Directing guests to online social profiles also offers ways to connect with clients more frequently, making email the perfect first step in building a quality marketing foundation.

Salons already provide marketing content through apps, texts, in-store signage, a website, and salon staff, who add a personal touch to information sharing. These are all powerful tools. However, email marketing is not only a more dynamic delivery device, but a tried and true tool that everyone has, and checks regularly, regardless of age.

Leveraging the full power of email marketing using five key techniques can help your salon make customer communication clear, clever and relevant, while also helping you hit sales goals. It’s one of the most useful features of SalonBiz software when combined with cross-referencing data capabilities to create marketing campaigns based on real time data and customer insights.

The trick to leveraging the full capabilities of email marketing is to use best practices and build a relationship with clients focused on what they desire in relation to hair care, spa and beauty needs, and overall self-care services and skilled providers.

Want to know how to tighten up your email marketing efforts and make the most of your data and email marketing content? Check out the SalonBiz webinar that shares tips and strategies to make the most of email marketing.

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