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Your Salon Color Inventory System: Fully Managed And Mobile

Your guests depend on accurate, gorgeous, and always-available colors when they visit their favorite stylist. So, keeping an accurate count of what product is on hand and what needs to be ordered is crucial.

That makes a professional salon color inventory system a must-have tool for your salon.

Let’s take a closer look at how this tool allows your salon business to hit the mark every time.

5 Benefits of Salon Inventory Management Software for Your Color Supply

No one wants to show up at the salon to be told that their color isn’t available. Although some guests might be open to trying something new, it’s better if they view it as a choice they made instead of a result of failed inventory management.

In addition to ensuring that your guests always have the gorgeous colors they crave, there are other benefits to implementing a salon color inventory system.

Salon Stylist Washing Client's Hair in Sink

1. Protect Your Profits

Inventory management directly affects your bottom line, but many businesses aren’t capturing these savings. In fact, 43% of U.S. small businesses don’t track their inventory at all. And 64% of those who do use Excel spreadsheets to do it.

Hair color is expensive, and running out at the wrong time means canceled services and fewer opportunities for product sales. Additionally, if your hair salon inventory management isn’t on point, you might be ordering too much or spending money on color that doesn’t move.

Carrying too much inventory can be just as bad as not carrying enough. Excess inventory represents funds that are tied up in products instead of turned into profits.

2. Increase Salon Sustainability

How much color do you waste on a day-to-day basis? Probably more than you think. And with that color waste, you’re not just losing money, but wasting resources, too.

Salon inventory management software for your color products can help you measure and mix the colors you need more accurately. That way, you can use color more precisely and reduce the amount of waste your salon produces.

Interested in more ways to make your salon more sustainable and profitable at the same time? Check out the webinar the SalonBiz team did with one of our partners, Vish—the salon industry’s leading color management system—about using technology to drive salon sustainability and profits!

3. Ensure Fresher Products

Even though hair color is relatively long-lasting, poor color inventory management means unsold color languishing in the back room for years. The longer it sits, the lower the chance you’ll get the vibrant results guests are looking for.

Plus, some colors go in and out of style depending on the latest trends. You don’t want to order too much of a sizzling shade just as the demand for it cools down.

4. Get Real-Time Salon Inventory Transparency

Cataloging your color with salon inventory management software offers the transparency you need to improve your guests’ experience. Put simply, do you want to be the one to tell a guest that part of their service is unavailable due to inaccurate inventory?

A proper salon color inventory management system means never having to say “no” when a guest arrives so that you can avoid disappointed clients and frustrated stylists.

Have multiple locations? Not a problem. One centralized database keeps accurate accounts across salons, with daily reporting options for sales and inventory.

5. Set Accurate Targets

As a salon owner, you know that you must set realistic goals for your business to work toward.

Are you looking to reduce costs? Gain control of both the back bar and your retail space? Maximize your revenue from color and other retail inventory?

Better salon color inventory management can help you set targets by generating accurate counts of whatever is in stock, what gets used frequently, and what might need to be cut.

A Next-Generation Salon Color Inventory Management Approach

Close Up of Stylist Applying Color to Dark Hair

Professional inventory management may have been tedious in the past, but SalonBiz can help you master this crucial task. Here’s how:

Mobile Touchpoints for Staff and Stylists

Mobile inventory counts through a salon inventory app are efficient, effective, and accurate. There are fewer errors (no paper tracking), and when you use the stylist app to count your back bar, you’ll save valuable time.

All staff members (including stylists!) can quickly check, update, and track inventory from their mobile devices—no more fuss or long days of counting stock.

The SalonBiz mobile salon inventory app is intuitive to use. Just download the SalonBiz Stylist App on iPhone or Android to get started. Staff and stylists can use their phone’s camera to take quick shots of color or retail products and get accurate, on-hand quantities, even across all locations.

Vish + SalonBiz

SalonBiz partners with Vish, the industry’s top color management system. Vish connects an intelligent Bluetooth scale from the color room to your SalonBiz salon management software, precisely capturing all services and product charges.

This helps your salon save money on wasted color inventory and become more sustainable at the same time.

Effortless Automation 

SalonBiz makes inventory control and automated ordering easy. Never miss a sale with automated orders that arrive when you need them.

With SalonBiz, you can auto-create purchase orders for each vendor when stock levels drop below a pre-set minimum. You can also auto-create orders by category. Both options take the guesswork out of when to order new color inventory and can help track what’s being used (and what’s consistently left behind).

Still prefer manually ordering stock as you need it? Or are you considering adding new product lines to boost retail sales? We also offer a salon inventory app, so you can order just what you need when you need it.

Plus, get real-time reporting that everyone on your team can access, so you’re always up to date on what you need.

Additionally, quick counts mean no wasted time shuffling paper and tracking orders. This frees salon owners, staff, and stylists up to provide the excellent service that your guests have come to expect at your salon.

Stay in Stock with SalonBiz Salon Inventory Management Software

With a busy salon or multiple locations, it can be challenging to keep all of your color inventory counts accurate. But knowing what’s on hand is crucial for providing excellent service for guests and keeping your salon profitable.

Accurate salon color inventory management lets you reduce costs, streamline operations, keep your books full, and ensure happier stylists and guests.

Are you ready to save time and hassle by using a salon color inventory system? Get in touch with SalonBiz to schedule a demo today!

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