credit card checkout using iPad

As technology continues to improve and streamline salon systems, sometimes you may need to hit pause and see which areas you need to upgrade. Hair salon point of sale systems (POS) are a great place to start. Still, using a cash register and credit card terminal? Here are five reasons to upgrade to an integrated POS system.

1) Efficient and Easy: In a digital, touchscreen world, you need to give your employees the simplest way to check out clients. Hair salon point of sale systems, like the one offered by PaySimple, are seamlessly integrated into your salon software and offer an intuitive interface, resulting in a shortened training time and a more productive front desk.

2) More Options with Higher Accuracy: POS systems can accept payments including EMV chip cards and mobile wallet payments such as Apple Pay, which increases customer satisfaction and revenue. PaySimple offers secure payments and also reduces your costs by using just one merchant. It also allows you to elevate the guest experience with mobile checkout if you choose to use it.

A hair salon point of sale system also eliminates human error—there’s no need to manually key in prices, or upload/enter data into the software. Ease of use for the client is another benefit and puts them in control of their payment. PaySimple fully integrates into SalonBiz seamlessly.

3) Increase Revenue: With a hair salon point of sale system like PaySimple, you can reduce your no-shows with a pre-payment option for appointments booked online. You can also increase revenue with eCommerce, online gift cards, the Pocket Salon app, and more. Your POS software will also minimize the time you spend on schedules and schedule enforcement—employees can clock in and out on a POS terminal.

4) Detailed Reporting and Receipts: Hair salon point of sale systems also have reporting features that give you data in real-time and are formatted with easy-to-read information. With cloud POS reporting and SalonBiz, you can access reports even when you are at home or traveling.

And clients will appreciate the detailed receipts with the date and amount of the sale. POS systems use inventory data to provide much more information, including item descriptions, prices, and savings from a sale or discount.

5) Faster Service: With PaySimple, you can complete guest profiles with a secure credit card on file, making all future transactions more efficient. In today’s fast-paced world, clients want to get in and out of the salon quickly and enjoy simple transactions online. The checkout experience becomes streamlined and with a fully-integrated POS and can even be done on a mobile app, so the client doesn’t even need to leave the chair.


Be sure to check out our SalonBiz Pocket Salon App! It can be found on the App Store and the Google Play Store.