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How Montage Salon Uses the Communications Suite

As a salon owner, the core business communication tools you use make an impact in big and small ways each day. Not only do they directly influence how you build long-term, personal connections with clients, but determine the level and quality of repeat business.

For Montage Salon, the SalonBiz Communications Suite serves as the all-in-one tool to help take email marketing campaigns and guest communication to the next level. The variety of communication options available in a single platform enables staff to easily integrate ongoing email marketing campaigns that offer value to guests, and seamlessly increase profits.

Montage Salon started as a beta tester, and is now a veteran user of the Communications Suite going on four years. They started with the email templates feature to share simple communication with guests such as happy birthday emails, appointment reminders and confirmations. They are easy to create and send to each client.

“We are excited to have one platform that helps us manage many aspects of client communication so easily,”  says Matthew Stam, Director of Operations at Montage Salon. “ The Communications Suite is straight-forward and easy to learn.”

“The library of design templates are also updated regularly, and the drag and drop design capabilities save a ton of time. The gallery of Aveda-approved image options also make it easy to stay on brand and make great looking email templates in a short amount of time. We can also personalize every line of an email to make it unique for each guest, and include direct access to social platforms to share experiences and information,” says Stam.


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On a personal note, Stam says the automated Birthday Reminders, and the First Visit email campaigns are very successful tools for Montage Salons consistently. “Both types of outreach give us results that enable us to evaluate our level of connection with our guest via email, including what’s working, what needs tweaking – that sort of thing,” adds Stam.

One simple, yet powerful, feature that integrates with the Communications Suite is Pocket Salon. Each client can download the Pocket Salon app personalized specifically for Montage Salon (available for iPhone and Android). They can use it to complete all salon communication including appointments, and read and respond to emails and special offers. This simple connection is what makes it easy to keep clients interested and regularly engaged in a low-key way.

Key Benefits of Easy, Go-To Email Marketing Templates

Marketing does not need to be complicated or take a ton of time to be effective. SalonBiz Communications Suite is designed to fit directly into daily operations of salons. It works in tandem with owners to easily grow and maintain a client base effectively.

In addition to simple, easy to use email templates for every occasion and marketing promo, the Communications Suite has a new analytics section as part of the client dashboard. Owners can easily see:

  • Number of emails sent
  • How many emails were open
  • Date and time of email
  • Progress and success of each email campaign
  • Verify content views on blog and email newsletter content

Montage Salon builds unique email templates for each location to offer a definitive flair and flavor for each salon, featuring what’s unique to both. However, the dashboard in the Communications Suite shows all your campaigns at the same time, making it easier to manage, change, or monitor between locations.

Users can also access data within the Communications Suite to target top purchasers and how much people typically spend on products to feature certain email campaigns around things that are most appealing.

Another great feature is the “opt-out” option per template. Clients can choose to opt-out of all email communications, or stay connected with specific ones of interest. This helps fine-tune open rates and ensure clients are only getting content they want or need.

Automation is a Salon’s Best Friend

Communications Suite offers a bunch of new automated features that save time and effort, and make building client connection through email simple any hour of the day.

Here are some automation features that make email campaigns more effective tools for guest communication:

  • Set an automatic email for a guest’s first visit, then integrate with our Listen360 reviews and feedback feature the day after the appointment to gather feedback
  • Hyperlink all email communication with social platforms to make it easy to share pictures, experiences or tell a friend about great service
  • With Pocket Salon for Montage, clients can do all online booking and confirmation in the app directly
  • Birthday emails can be set to go out automatically on the 1st of the month, as well as overdue “We Miss You” outreach
  • Promos on featured specials for services, products or monthly seasonal features

“The best part is the build, set it, and forget it workflow. This has saved me countless hours of extra work setting up something new each email campaign,” adds Stam. “If you are a heavy marketer, or want to be, the Communications Suite will save you time!”

In addition to the actual features of Communications Suite, Stam has nothing but great things to say about SalonBiz support staff.

He shared the one thing he loves most about using the SalonBiz platform is how friendly and accommodating support teams are during every call. Not only are they wonderful with troubleshooting and stay on the phone until a problem is solved, they also listen to input on creating new features. If there’s something Stam wants added to the Communications Suite, support will create it for him – then put it out as a feature for all SalonBiz users.


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