For many salons and spas, Facebook is becoming an increasingly important way of engaging with customers and increasing awareness of your salon.

[alert style=”green”]Customers who use social media will on average tell 42 people about a positive experience. Those who don’t use social media will only tell 9 people. [/alert]

This article will share a few tips that we have found can help increase shares and likes, and in turn get your page in front of more potential customers.

Work out what you want to achieve

Most salons have two goals for their Facebook page – to increase visibility to their customers who have already liked them, and to get their customers to share content in order to become visibible to potential new customers.

Work out how important each goal is to you, and adapt accordingly. To increase engagement with existing customers, status updates are a key way to gather likes, comments and shares. If you want to reach new customers, you want people to share your stories. Most salons aim for both.

Cut back on the text, Shakespeare

People don’t like paragraphs of text – keep it short. Bear in mind that now more than half of visits to Facebook are on mobile devices, you don’t want to fill their small screens with text.

Make your updates into conversations

To drive commenting and shares, try to engage customers in interesting conversations – don’t concentrate on pure number of replies, but quality of conversation – you want people to keep returning.

You know your customers best – what do they like to talk about in the salon?

However, never ask a question just for the sake of asking a question, that can seem clichéd. If there isn’t a genuine question to ask, don’t be afraid to post a statement.

Use images

Most people are very visual, in a busy Timeline users will often see images first. Ensure you have the rights to use anything you share – a great way to be sure is to upload photos from your salon using your phone! Giving people a visual insight into the daily life of your salon is a great prompt for people to interact.


Don’t be shy. Treat your followers to some great before and after photos – show off your stylists’ skills. If you can tag the customer (with their permission of course) then they are likely to share with their friends.


Add some humour to your posts – people love to smile. Show your personality in a post and people will be much more likely to respond.

Posts that make people do a double-take often get shared the most – have a funny story you can tell? Share it with your followers. Lkes and comments are good but when customers share you get exposure to more of your follower’s friends.

Don’t chase likes too obviously

Posts along the lines of “Like this if you love that post salon feeling” are too obvious. Many users are very Facebook savvy, you may find you get a few likes but lose a few followers.

Be positive

Had a frustrating day with problem customers? Your Facebook follows probably don’t need to know about it! Had an inspirational day, that you want to share with your community? Go ahead.

This may sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at some of the negative posts some salons make.

Work out how often to post

Most salons are generally encouraged to post two or three times a day. Having said that, some people have a lot of success with posting more often – monitor your engagement as you change the frequency of posts. Start with less, and build as your community responds.

Thanks for reading our tips – there are no hard and fast rules so we’d love to hear your comments and tips below!