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How To Make an Impact with Your Salon Facebook Page in 2021

Facebook is becoming an increasingly important way of increasing awareness of your salon...

Social media presents a great opportunity to connect with your guests and tell your salon’s story. And without a doubt, Facebook is still the king of social media in terms of popularity, with 63% of people in the U.S. aged 12+ using it. Here’s how to get started creating a salon Facebook page, as well as some simple ideas to get the most out of the tools and features of the platform.

How Do I Create A Facebook Page For A Salon?

The purpose of Facebook has grown since it first hit the scene. In addition to staying in touch with friends, users want to do research, browse reviews, and discover local businesses in their community.

A salon Facebook page is a clear and easy way to meet your guests right where they are.

Even better, you don’t need to be a marketing pro to set up a salon Facebook page. The user-friendly interface spells it out from start to finish, guiding you through the process. From there, all you need is a plan for keeping up with content. Here’s how to get the ball rolling!

Build your beautiful new Facebook page

You can create a free business page in minutes with a few important pieces of information:

  • Your salon name and a short description for the About section
  • A profile photo and cover photo that reflects your business (hint: your profile photo should be your logo, while your cover may be a photo of your salon, general salon imagery, or even a video of your bustling salon!)
  • Call-to-action language that directs your visitors to do something, such as visit your website

Likewise, don’t forget to include important information about your salon location and hours. People should be able to easily find your address and learn more about when they can schedule an appointment.

Make a plan for posting

Your new salon Facebook page is live and ready for action! What’s next? It’s time to develop a plan. Start by answering the following questions:

  • Who on your staff will have access to the page?
  • Who will develop content and post it to the page?
  • How often will you be posting new content?
  • Who will respond to comments and messages?
  • How will you respond to reviews, especially negative ones?

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, but experts say consistency is key. Many salons try to post two or three times per day, but many salons find plenty of success posting just two or three times per week. Find a cadence that’s easy to stick with for your team and time.

Likewise, don’t be afraid to delegate.

Perhaps you want to be in charge of posting, but another staff member can respond to daily comments and messages. You can even develop an automated response or template for how to respond to certain inquiries or complaints. This keeps messaging consistent and gives your team time to focus on other tasks.

What Should I Post On My Salon Facebook Page?

Creating content doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few hair salon Facebook page ideas to get going!

Focus on images and video

On a busy Facebook timeline, users will often see images and videos first. Giving people a visual insight into the daily life of your salon is a great place to start.

Consider posting:

  • Before and after photos of hair transformations (with guest consent)
  • Photos with information (and buy links!) for new products hitting your shelves
  • Short live videos of a stylist demonstrating a new service or hair care tutorial
  • Photos or videos during events at the salon or in the community

Start a conversation

To drive comments and shares, try to engage users in interesting conversations. You know your guests best. What do they like to talk about in the salon?

Pose questions about the latest hair trends or even their favorite products. Some of the best beauty salon Facebook post ideas are born out of simple and positive posts!

Brag on your stylists

People interested in visiting a salon want to find the right stylist. Showcase the talent you have by sharing quick Q&A videos with your team members.

Give them an opportunity to talk about their background, training, and specialty.

How Can I Promote My Salon On Facebook?

After you create your salon Facebook page, start by inviting all of your contacts. This will probably include your friends, regular guests, and colleagues. Take it a step further by asking all of your stylists to share it on their personal pages to garner even more likes. This chain reaction will help you create a foundation.

As your page continues to grow in the coming weeks and months, consider these methods of expanding your network even further.

Go offline

Add signage around the salon so guests know that you’re on Facebook. This can be as simple as a “Find us on Facebook!” sign at the front desk or small placards near each stylists’ chair.

Use salon Facebook ads

One of the best things about starting a Facebook page is that you now have access to affordable salon Facebook ads. Even better, you can create ads for both Instagram and Facebook from Facebook’s ads dashboard.

You don’t have to be an expert with a big budget to target certain groups and grow your page, either. Facebook’s simple self-serve tools are easy for small businesses to navigate. Websites like Buffer have also created comprehensive guides to getting started. With these resources, you can create an ad, select your local audience, and run it for whatever you’re willing to spend!

Just a few dollars a day could make a difference. Start small and focus on ads that build local brand awareness for your salon. Once your ad is running, you can track performance and make adjustments as needed.

Boost posts that are performing well

In addition to Facebook ads, you can pay to boost specific posts and maximize their visibility. If a video or photo is already getting a lot of interaction, it’s probably engaging!

Boosting it may help you get even more likes, comments, and shares with your current audience. Plus, you may be able to reach new people who are interested in your type of page, but don’t follow you yet.

Spread the word with a stellar hashtag

If you don’t have one already, it’s time to come up with a hashtag for your salon! This should be unique and specific to your salon. Hashtags make it easy for guests to scroll through all of the posts that mention your salon, whether on Facebook or Instagram.

Plus, it lets guests tag you in their own before and after photos and more. This is a great way to connect with other businesses and influencers in your community.

Tap into the power of local communities

Finally, Facebook Groups are a great way to fuel growth and make yourself visible in your community. As a salon owner, do a quick search of the local groups in your area and join any relevant ones. You’ll probably find groups dedicated to small businesses, beauty professionals, and much more.

After joining, be proactive about engaging with other people! Does someone have a question you know the answer to? Join the conversation and make your presence known. Just remember, this isn’t about plugging your business over and over again. It’s about becoming a trusted community member. When it makes sense to talk up your salon, you’ve built the cred for others to trust what you say. 

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