Salon employee standing behind Apple computer

Salons have more options than ever to streamline payment management in-person and online.

Between mobile apps, credit card fees, and managing multiple locations, staff, and tips, there are a lot of details that can easily fall through the cracks or cost extra time and energy. Each payment management solution also has different benefits, which means salon owners need to weigh features against customer demand for easy, convenient payment options.

Salon payment management is about so much more than online scheduling and credit card swiping. It’s about effectively running your business using processes and software that makes sense for your brand and supports long term growth. And let’s not forget about ways to deliver a WOW salon experience for all guests, starting with the apps they use to interact with your business before they show up, and during the appointment.

So why are so many salons pulling together separate tools and merchant accounts to create a streamlined check-out and account management process?

They don’t know there’s another solution that’s easy to implement and manage.


In order to grow and thrive while managing costs effectively, it’s essential for business owners to look at how a simplified payment system solves challenges and reduces common fees and expenses. This is especially important when reviewing credit card processing fees or the ability to accept a variety of online payment options.

It’s also essential to evaluate the efficiency of each part of the sales process from your perspective and the guests.

Review, Refine & Streamline

Simple ways to kick-off a review to streamline internal payment processes:


Identify and list all the manual steps & processes you have to execute weekly or daily.  Match them to the associated cost of time, energy, and effort to do them separately. Compare it to time savings from doing the same actions with batch processing. Now, think about how a manual process often equates to human errors.

Lost revenue opportunities:

Review areas of lost opportunity due to the inability to integrate gift cards, product upsells, and incentive programs into the payment process.

Maximize the guest experience:

Do you factor in the payment aspects of guest experience? Is it fast, effective, and gaining positive reviews, or is it slow and complicated with few repeat guests or upsell opportunities? Does your current set-up allow a card on file throughout the guest cycle (in-store, e-commerce, mobile)?

Data in hand, now you can make informed decisions about implementing a new payment solution.

Upgrading your salon payment system is one simple way to thrive without changing your business model or services. A fully integrated solution tracks sales, tips, appointment scheduling, check-ins, product purchases, customer preferences, and gift cards in one seamless experience, creating one merchant for all payments and credit card processing.

The big upside? You get to focus on your guests, growth, time better spent by your staff, as well as offer a more powerful experience by integrating mobile and online tools that add ease and convenience for your clients and staff.

Don’t let fees and frustration get the best of you. Explore ways to go digital (and maybe even without credit cards) to thrive.

Interested in streamlining & simplifying your salon payments?