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How Salon Client Profile Cards Help You Deliver A VIP Experience

A great cut and color is just not enough. You need to wow your guests with a top-notch salon experience at every touch point. Here’s everything you need to know about upping your guest experience using salon client profile cards.

Why Use Salon Client Profile Cards?

Even the most talented stylist won’t have a loyal client base if they don’t know how to build relationships. How do you encourage your stylists and staff to accomplish this?

Salon client profile cards are a simple way to keep important information about your loyal guests in one place. These profile cards aren’t really new, of course, but they look a lot different than they used to.

We’ve come a long way from fumbling over index cards or a binder bursting with papers. Today, digital salon client profile cards make it easy for your entire team to access guest information, even across different locations.

This technology makes it easy to store more information than ever before. Plus, it’s easy to access with the right hair salon technology tools, like SalonBiz. Here are some of the perks you and your clients will love.

A tailored experience for each guest

Every person walking into your salon has a different life story and schedule. While one guest may prefer text message appointment reminders, another may prefer you notify them by email. Some people need weekend appointments, while others are looking for weekday evening slots. Tracking all of these preferences in their online profile makes it easy to create the perfect experience for each guest.

Here are just a few of the details you can store on SalonBiz’s digital salon client profile cards:

  • Marketing preferences 
  • Custom appointment length and pricing by client
  • Retail purchase history and product recommendations
  • Birthday information to provide offers or discounts
  • Robe or slipper size (for day spa use)
  • Custom fields, like social media handles

Likewise, your repeat guests should be rewarded for their loyalty. Digital salon client profile cards make it easy to track rewards they’ve earned through purchases, referrals, and more! Do they have a remaining balance on a gift card? This information is easily saved to use during their next visit, even at a different location.

Accuracy at every appointment

When your guests take a seat in the chair, they shouldn’t have to think back to previous appointments. Your stylists are the professionals, which means they should achieve accuracy at every appointment. If a client is satisfied with their current hairstyle, it should come out the same way every time.

That said, there are so many guests coming and going every day. Plus, loyal clients only show up every six to eight weeks (on average). It would be difficult for your stylists to memorize every person’s color formula or cut preferences. This is where digital salon client profile cards come in.

This is a place to store extensive details, including color formulas, technique preferences (foils vs. balayage), and cut instructions. Is your guest a newer client coming in for their second or third visit? No problem! Any of the important information from their initial client questionnaire should be accessible using your salon client profile cards.

Personalized service that makes an impact

Despite the push for contactless and socially distanced encounters, one thing is clear: people miss connecting! Building an emotional connection is one of the best ways to retain clients, and salon client profile cards can help your stylists provide that vital personal touch.

Is the client’s big day coming up? Perhaps they just got a new dog or had a baby? These milestones are important notes to add to your salon client profile cards. Before a guest arrives, stylists can take a quick glance to jog their memory. This will help conversation flow naturally and make the appointment feel special and memorable.

Get The Most Out Of Digital Salon Client Profile Cards

Now that you know about the benefits of using salon client profile cards, it’s time to introduce SalonBiz. As the go-to solution for a seamless salon experience, our software delivers ease of use that you’ll love.

With our digital profile cards, each client’s details are organized into several easy-to-find categories, such as contact information and appointment history. 

Salon client profile cards in SalonBiz software

For salons with multiple locations, this feature is unbeatable. Each client has just one file that is accessible from any location. That means they can get their uptown color at the downtown location without a hassle! Your stylists can access all of the information they need to get the job done right, no matter where guests make their appointment.

And speaking of convenience, we also offer a mobile version of salon client profile cards. That means all of this information you need can easily be viewed using the SalonBiz Stylist App.

Your stylists are busy getting clients in and out of their chairs in a timely manner. The ability to quickly pull up this information using their smartphone is invaluable! It gives them the tools they need to offer a perfect and personalized experience, even when they’re in a time crunch.

Before and After in SalonBiz Stylist App

Think Big With SalonBiz

Break the mold and take a modern approach! SalonBiz helps you empower your guests and stylists to create a streamlined beauty experience. Here are some of the ways we can help you offer a VIP appointment from start to finish:

  • Integrated payments, including card-on-file functionality
  • Self-check-in features that eliminate the need for a front desk
  • Automated appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Inventory control to easily add and edit products while also tracking best sellers at your salon
  • Financial reporting with benchmarks that help you track growth and trends in various time increments
  • Multi-location salon management to offer consistency across different salon locations

Ready to think big? Send us a message or schedule a demo today. We love to talk about the incredible features SalonBiz has to offer!

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