Gervais Team Earth Month

This is an exciting time of year for us. The weather is warming up and along with it comes the familiar signs of spring and new beginnings. The change of the season gives us time to pause, reflect and enjoy the nature that surrounds us. Our company has deep roots in a mission of environmental responsibility and is totally committed to preservation, conservation and sustainability.

With Earth Month coming soon, we’ve put together a few of our favorite tips and tricks for raising money and creating awareness as well as some great ideas for conservation.

If you want to talk to someone who is doing Earth Month right, reach out to Gervais Salon & Day Spa in Eugene, OR (@gervaissalonspa). They’ve been recognized many times for their efforts and achievements, including in the SalonToday 200 philanthropy section.

They do so many different things throughout the month, and this year marks their fifth anniversary partnering with Ninkasi Brewing Company (@ninkasibrewing) to plant trees and pollinators along the Mckenzie River. This campaign is such a great example of how to bring a large community together by partnering with another business to make an impact, raise awareness and money, raffle spa services and, most importantly, drink beer!

If you happen to find yourself near Eugene on Earth Day this year (April 22) be sure to stop by the Ninkasi tasting room and try their newly released beer, Pacific Rain, specifically made to bring awareness to their Earth Month partner (@MckenzieRiverTrust). It’ll be an all-day-protect-clean water-by-drinking-good-beer extravaganza!



Create a drawer entry from the ticket screen to record donations.

From trash-ion shows, raffle baskets, bbq’s, beer and donations, raising money for Earth Month can be a great way to get your team and community involved to make a positive impact. We know you have tons of ideas of what works best for your community, but one question we often get is how to collect the money?

The best way to collect money is to create a drawer entry. This allows you to record and track your donations without skewing your ticket totals.


When selling special Earth Month products, we suggest creating a ‘house’ staff member to assign the items on the ticket. This will prevent you from paying commission on these items.

Create custom discount types to easily track promotions.

Don’t forget…when you create a custom discount type for any Earth Month promotions, make sure to determine how your staff will be paid. You can choose for them to be paid before the discount is applied or after. A check in the commission box means that they will be paid their full commission regardless of the discount the customer is given.





Need a good reason to break dress code? Shaking up the routine gives your team a new energy and something new to talk to their clients about. Some of our customers allow their team to break dress code and donate money to wear jeans to work. It’s an easy way to raise a little money and break the monotony of the work “uniform.” And what a great conversation starter!



One of the easiest ways to conserve is to eliminate paper waste! You can save reams of paper (and ink toner) by simply using the SalonBiz Stylist App.

Encourage your team to check their schedules, client history and formulas on their phones. Managers can monitor stats and goals in real time so they won’t need to print any unnecessary reports. You’ll reduce your paper use and save money in the process! Once they get into the habit, you’ll never look back on printing!

Not to leave out your front desk team, they can use the SalonBiz App for iPad to capture product recommendations, pre-book and checkout. Receipts and a recap are automatically emailed to the client with a quick signature and a touch of a button.


When checking out at the front desk, you can save receipt paper and clutter in your client’s pocket! Only print receipts that have product sales (thank you return policy!).

Go to Default Settings under Blueprints – Ticket and answer these 2 questions:
“Print ticket after processing” to NO
“Auto Print Ticket Only if products were sold” to YES