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Bonus Gifts

We are really excited about Online Gift Cards! If you offered a gift card promo this past holiday season, you’ll know why.

Bonus Gift Cards allow you to offer a little something extra for each purchase. When a customer buys a $100, for example, they would also receive a $15 card for free. Bonus gift cards are emailed to the purchaser on the day of purchase, and can be customized with an image of their choice, message, gift card type for tracking, and expiration date. So you can set it and forget it in your salon software. This is a perfect way to increase gift card sales for  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and those graduation gifts this Spring.

See the Setup Guide



If you offer special service packages or multi-service bundles, you can create custom Gift Card links for each of those on your website. This way, your online guests can easily click to purchase one of your pre-determined packages. Once they select the package they would like, SalonBiz Online Gift Cards will automatically direct the purchaser to a completed gift card purchase page. Then all they have to do is check out!

Your Package links are created in Central/Admin/Online Booking/Gift Card Links 

Charles Penzone uses our gift card system to support online deals and packages. Source: Charles Penzone


If you plan on offering any promotions or incentives for your online sales, you’ve got options! This is great if you are doing a special promotion or discounts for your online gift cards. For example, you are doing a special promotion for Mother’s Day weekend where anyone purchasing gets a $100 card for $80. 

Check out this quick how-to guide on using our salon software for gift card promotions.


Gift Card Setup Tips

Remove all barriers to sales and allow purchasers to quickly buy a gift card without logging in.

To enable this option, place a check in the box if you’d like to allow customers to purchase gift cards as a guest. You’ll find it in your Central – Online Booking settings 8. Gift Cards.

Make sure you set yourself up for success. We recommend creating a special gift type (MothersDay) for reporting and planing for the next year.

Go to Blueprints and create a gift type.

Run your Gift Certificate Sales Summary by a date range to monitor this year’s success. You can create a fun contest to see who sells the most.

Then when you are planning for next year in early Spring, you can run the report for the entire season so you know how many physical cards and how much wrapping to order.


Just Getting Started?

No worries, we’ll get you up to speed in no time. Email us or call 1-888-809-2802


Need gift cards? We recommend you order from Imaginal Marketing—their gift cards work with our salon software, plus they handle everything from design to barcode testing.

Click here to order gift cards or call 985.612.1586


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