20 Of The Best Hair Salon Name Ideas

Branding revolves around the name of your business. From the door  to the top of your website, the name you choose for your salon will be closely tied to your identity as a salon. Whether you’re rebranding or building your new salon, here are 20 of the best hair salon name ideas to inspire you. 


Behind a great hair salon name 

The best hair salon names are born out of strategic brainstorming that takes into account your full mission as a salon owner. Before you choose a name, jot down some notes about your guiding focus. What’s the “why” behind your business? 

Perhaps you want to be a quick and affordable go-to for busy families. On the other hand, maybe you’re striving to provide a luxurious spa-like experience. The best hair salon names will be a reflection of your business model. For example, if your focus is on sustainable beauty, you may bring in plant or earth-inspired names.

Beyond the mission of your business, consider other popular elements of salon name ideas.

Geographical locaters can help you land on something that boosts your business locally. For example, use your city or town in combination with a descriptive word. Another element to consider using is straightforward descriptors within your name so it’s easy for guests to find you, like “salon” or “spa.” Alliteration and rhymes also make for catchier names.

Once you’ve figured out a few elements to start with, it’s time to begin brainstorming!

20 hair salon name ideas to build on 

Need a little inspiration as you begin brainstorming? SalonBiz has you covered. Because we work with salon owners across North America, we know a great name when we hear one. Here are 20 catchy hair salon name ideas to get your creative gears turning.

  1. Hair Innovation
  2. Shortcuts
  3. Lush Locks
  4. ColorBox
  5. Très Beau Salon
  6. Mane Attraction
  7. Beauty Mark
  8. [City] Beauty Lounge
  9. Buzz & Bangs
  10. Epiphany
  11. Salon [Area Code]
  12. Strands
  13. Lovely Lather
  14. Retro Beauty
  15. [City] Shears
  16. Turning Heads
  17. Thairapy
  18. Shear Trends
  19. Beauty Garden
  20. True Roots

Naming mistakes to avoid 

While there are no wrong salon name ideas, it’s important to consider a few factors. Your salon’s name is the foundation of your business, so you don’t want to choose anything that could hold you back in the future.

Here are three pitfalls to avoid:

  • Names that limit your service offerings if you hope to eventually expand them
  • Words that are difficult to pronounce or spell
  • Excessive or long names that won’t fit on marketing materials (or your building)

You should also avoid overly general names that don’t provide any clues as to what type of business you have. That said, your name doesn’t have to end with “salon.” Don’t be afraid to think out of the box, using illustrative terms like “beauty lounge” or “oasis.”

Finalize it with a logo 

Once you’ve found a few gorgeous names, it’s time to start putting them to work to see how they could help unite your brand!

Your logo is closely tied to your salon name as it is the visual aspect your guests will see everywhere. The right name should align closely with your logo and may even inform it. For example, “Citrus Salon” may use a stylized orange as their logo, or “Buzz & Bangs” could include an abstract bang in the logo.

With your hair salon name ideas ready to go, start thinking of how you would incorporate them into a logo. Whether you develop the final logo completely on your own or hire a professional, consider these tips:

  • Keep it simple and avoid overly busy designs
  • Use clean and modern fonts (as well as font colors) that are easy to read
  • Find the perfect size that will fit comfortably on business cards, brochures, and more

Further, use colors and style that will convey the atmosphere of your salon. For upscale spa salons with a range of beauty services, you may want to consider tranquil tones. Salons with edge may benefit from a black and white logo with sharp angles. Think about what you want people to envision when they see your logo!

This step can make the naming process more concrete. Seeing a few names in mocked-up logos make it easier to go with your gut to pick the name that’s right for your salon.

A name that defines your brand

The best hair salon names make marketing and branding a fun process. Your salon name is your identity, which means it should be used at every touchpoint. Once you’ve finalized your name, make sure to use it in the following ways.

Phone and text 

While it may seem obvious, it’s important to use every opportunity to get your name out there! Be sure to train your team members on using the name of your salon every time they answer the phone, as well as when they make phone calls or leave messages.

The same holds true for text messages, which are made easy with SalonBiz. Connect with your guests with our Textel integration. Have unlimited texts (including links and photos) to book, reschedule, confirm, and follow up after a visit with guests.

Email marketing 

The most effective email marketing will follow a clean and simple format that puts your logo front and center.

SalonBiz offers a variety of ready-to-send emails for your salon, but you always have the ability to tailor your template. That means you can change everything from font color to background to create a color scheme that aligns with your branding.

Website and social 

Every page on your website must be consistently branded (and absolutely beautiful). The worst thing you can do is confuse potential guests by using a variety of different logos or colors from page to page.

Likewise, a branded hashtag that uses your new salon name can boost your visibility, especially on Instagram. Use this hashtag across all of your branding materials; it’s even worth mentioning in your emails. Ask your loyal guests to share stunning before and after photos using this hashtag to gain more traction.

Online directories

Finally, make sure to check your Moz local listing score. This is a free tool that allows you to see how your business listing appears across the web.

From Google Maps to Facebook (and plenty of other search engines and local listings), Moz completes a thorough search. This gives you the power to correct any missing or inaccurate names if you’re rebranding your salon.

Grow your salon

You’ve sorted through the best hair salon name ideas and you’re ready to start out on this exciting journey. Now what? Owning a salon will require you to juggle many different tasks, but SalonBiz can help.

From automated appointment reminders to easy payments to email marketing to mobile booking, SalonBiz can help you create a spectacular guest experience.

Ready to learn more? Send us a message to schedule a demo!


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