Woman holding her iPhone

Your clients book their appointments on your website. They receive text message reminders. They follow your social media platforms for updates and inspiration. Feels like you’re on top of technology, right? There’s one more critical step to take — investing in a salon app.

It’s time to provide an app for your guests. Think they don’t have room for one more app on their phones? They do. But you must make it worth their while.

Give Them What They Want — A Salon App

Consumers are engaging more and more with apps, with an average of nine apps daily and more than 30 every month. Whether they’re ordering coffee or jumping on a daily deal from a favorite retailer, apps have become the go-to spot for marketing and sales.

And a salon app can offer another added benefit—it’s a time saver. With apps like Pocket Salon from SalonBiz, clients no longer have to wait in check-out lines. They can also use the app to check in, message their stylist, book appointments, reschedule and even buy products, making the whole salon experience more efficient. And more than ever, time saved is a priority.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

While online booking is becoming more common, a guest app is still a perk most salons don’t offer. But consumers are spending more time than ever with phone in hand. Now is the time to invite clients to download the Pocket Salon app, where they’ll get notifications on special offers before anyone else. Put your business front and center with a salon app that provides the convenience of booking, buying retail and more. Once a client uses your app a few times, it becomes even more convenient as she learns how to quickly rebook her appointments and new services with the ability to see the entire service menu.

Build Your Brand and Engage Your Clientele

A salon app keeps your business visible in a way a website does not. It’s an instant visual every time your client picks up her phone, and gives you the opportunity to use their time in the app to deliver a marketing message. You can also create and post ads inside the app, making it even more exclusive and appealing.

Finally, the act of downloading an app builds loyalty in your clients. You can create a customized experience within your app just for your brand. Clients feel like VIPs every time they open it up, see their name and their preferences.

Intimidated by the process? Don’t be. Pocket Salon makes it simple for you and for the client. Stay ahead of the technology curve and create your salon’s free consumer app today.