Woman getting her hair brushed and curled in a salon

Getting new salon clients can be an expensive marketing endeavor. The investment cost takes a big chunk out of the bottom line every month, especially when you include ads and promotional materials.

In fact, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration,

acquiring a new client can cost five to seven times more than retaining current clients.

So wouldn’t you want to do whatever you can to make sure that money stays in your pocket while also creating stronger earning potential with current clients?

When you focus on investing high value into the guest experience for current “fans,” you also help shape a clear and consistent buyer’s journey that communicates dedication to personalized support, service, and value in every client interaction. Clients like clarity, consistency, and knowing their investment in your business is a win for them, so practice simple marketing techniques to earn their loyalty with ease.

Simple, High Value Keeps Clients Happy and Returning

Here are simple ways to maximize salon customer connections you’ve already invested in, and turn them into loyal customers who can’t wait to see what you offer next.

Reach out to the experts in our education department for training on these features – it’s included with your subscription!

  1. Identify who is and who isn’t coming back to the salon, and why, by digging into sales stats to track trends, patterns, and how that matches current offerings and promotions.
  2. Offer to pre-book a client during each visit and make it part of the natural client conversation.
  3. Provide active listening and open communication at every service level at the salon.
  4. Make the salon experience easy for your client – from booking their next appointment, to time in the chair, to check out.
  5. Ask for feedback from clients and staff through real-time conversation or feedback form – take time to consider what is shared and implement it in a way that honors your daily business. When people feel seen and heard, it builds a connection and a reason to return, especially when they see their suggestions in practice.
  6. Reach out to past clients with an offer based on previous services, such as 10% off any service, a free product, or a discount card to share with a friend.
  7. Build a loyalty program that inspires people to interact with your salon on a regular basis through diverse and creative ways to earn points. Mix it up between product trials and discounts, stylist services, spa add-ons and more.
  8. Leverage client notes as much as possible for a personal touch with each client. If every member of the staff has access to the notes, each customer touch point in the buyer’s journey feels personalized and powerful.
  9. Educate clients on products used during appointments so they understand how it links to the appearance of their hair when they leave the chair.
  10. Inspire clients to connect with your social media presence and offer an incentive for following your salon online. Encourage them to share pictures and feedback on their experience.
  11. Leverage automated messages for clients that you can set and forget, while offering a personal touch about being excited for their next visit.
  12. Leverage click appointment confirmations through email or text to keep things simple and one touch.
  13. Create a VIP experience every time, not just the first time!
  14. Be an advocate and educator for your customers.
  15. Offer a newsletter to keep clients up-to-date and share special events.
  16. Provide small perks like free service add-ons one day a week or free quality beverages during each visit.
  17. Create discounted rates on bookings or special high-end services for events like weddings, bridal showers, or corporate events to attract small groups who want to look their best.

Client Retention Comes With Dedicated Practice

Using even a few of these tips consistently can make a big difference in loyalty rates and increase overall salon business. These small, yet important features drive loyalty, business growth and maximize occupancy. To make salon customer retention even more powerful and simpler for staff, use tools that streamline data collection and organization, salon client outreach, booking, and sales management.

A software management tool like SalonBiz offers a Communications Suite to help you improve internal processes that build customer retention as a regular part of everyday business. Connect with salon clients using three key automated modules – email marketing, reminders and confirmations, and reviews and guest feedback to keep client contact consistent and natural. The best part is that it helps salon owners gather information across one or multiple salons providing the customer input you need seamlessly at the end of each business day to keep guests happy and coming back.

To learn more about the Communications Suite, contact us.