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It’s funny how the holidays sneak up on you… one day you’re complaining about school supplies and the next you’re knee deep in pumpkin spice and the busiest time of the year is right around the corner. Now is the time to focus on a great business builder – your gift card sales. We love a focus on gift card sales during the holidays—it will increase your revenue now which can increase your service productivity later.

Here are our top 3 places you should be selling gift cards this season:

1- Anywhere in Your Location

We know…it seems obvious, but make sure your guests know you offer gift cards as an option. If they are coming into your location, chances are they know someone who already comes or should come to see you! Gift cards are great for teachers, family and friends or those who already have everything. They are easy to wrap and have on hand for emergency hostess gifts, too! We’re pretty sure everyone should have one or two on stand-by this holiday season.

This year focus on mobility! You are no longer tied to only selling behind your front desk! Use your iPad App and you are free to roam. Sell gift cards on demand whenever, wherever—at the chair, in the retail area… We have customers that create a special gift card kiosk away from the front desk specifically for gift cards (think gift card bar).

2- Online (including Facebook)

Did you know in addition to your website, you could be selling GC’s on your Facebook page? You can even edit your Online Booking button text on Facebook to promote gift cards for the next two months. We also recommend adding a special button to your website home page to highlight gift card sales. Guests love Facebook—why not make it super easy to buy gift cards while they’re scrolling through their feed?

3- Outside Your 4 Walls

With our iPad App, you are not limited to inside your location—take your sales outside! You can easily sell gift cards at off-site events like holiday bazaars and local markets. We’ve even seen gift card drive-thrus be hugely successful for some of our locations; guests just pull through and pick up their gift cards (works great for retail too).

Setup Tip

Make sure you set yourself up for gift card sales success. We recommend creating a special “Holiday” gift type so that you are able to track your sales and plan for the next year by reviewing your reports.

Go to Blueprints and create a gift type called Holiday.

Run your Gift Certificate Sales Summary by a date range to monitor this year’s success. You can create a fun contest to see who sells the most in a week and see which individual or team wins.

Then when you are planning for next year in September, you can run the report for the entire season so you know how many physical cards and how much wrapping to order.

Just Getting Started?

No worries, we’ll get you up to speed in no time.

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