Three Ways to Win at Holiday with SalonBiz

Although it may not seem like it’s cool enough to be fall, the calendar is once again reminding us that it’s September and your salon’s busiest season is a just few short weeks away.

Fortunately for you, this has been a year of innovation for SalonBiz, and what we’ve brought to the table will help you prepare for all the business you can handle…and even help you handle more!

Here are the top three ways to use SalonBiz’s salon software and apps to prepare for your most successful holiday yet.

1. Be a Line-Buster

Your salon is like an escape for your clients—a little luxury in the middle of the hectic holiday season. Why surround the experience with the stress of standing in lines?

Self Check-In For the Win
Forget wasting time checking every single client in for appointments individually. Set up an iPad with the self check-in kiosk, and let them do it themselves. It’s just like the airport, and their stylist is notified on their Smartwatch or phone so they know their next guest is waiting.

Self check-in

If you’re not set up with Pocket Salon, well, you should be (and we can make it easy). The Pocket Salon app gives customers as much control over scheduling as you’d like them to have, including allowing them to check themselves in on the app, also sending the arrival notification to their stylist.


Checkout Anywhere
With all your extra appointments and holiday shoppers, the front desk checkout can be a major bottleneck, but with the iPad app and the Pocket Salon app, you can take checkout anywhere, from the chair to their car.

Did you say they can checkout at their car?” 

Sure did.

Using Pocket Salon, those guests who just want to swing by and pick-up for retail can do all their shopping on their app, including payment. The app shows them the last products they bought and the products their stylist suggests, and anything else marked in-stock, and lets them checkout on their phone. The front desk gets a message to get their order ready so that when the client calls, someone can run it right out to the car.

Using the iPad app, your front desk can bring the tablet to the chair while color is processing or while they’re finishing the blow dry, and allow them to add product they want and checkout—including the tip—while still sitting in the chair. Your guest services person brings them their retail, and they’re able to walk right out the door to that holiday party, no waiting necessary.



2. Get Smart About Gift Cards

You love selling gift cards. Your guests love getting gift cards.

The best way to sell more: Make it easy.

Let Them Shop Online
Everyone is shopping online, so you should be there, too.

SalonBiz online gift cards are easy to set up, and allow for customization of design. It’s easy to upload a custom design to match your brand for electronic gift cards they can email or print, or to set them up for mail or pickup if they’d prefer a physical card.

Let Them Reward Themselves
Everyone loves an incentive, which is why bonus gift card promos work so well. Once it’s set up in SalonBiz Central, everything is automatic. The software calculates how many bonus cards they qualify for according to their online purchase amount, and will even send them an email with the bonus gift card. It’s easy for them and a no-brainer for you, and in the end everyone gets a little something extra.


3. Make Booking Simpler

The first thing you need to do to have a profitable season is get people in the door. It helps if everyone shows up when they’re supposed to. SalonBiz can help facilitate both of those things.

It’s All About Opportunity
You want your guests to have as many opportunities to book an appointment as possible. The minute you set up online booking, your front desk becomes open 24/7. Your socialite client can now book a blowout at midnight, when she remembers that swanky party next Friday.

If she’s home, she can do it on your website with the online booking widget. If she’s out with friends, she can use the Pocket Salon app to book on her phone. Either way, it’s updated live across all platforms, so the information is always current and always consistent.

When her appointment gets close, SalonBiz will send her notifications (text and/or email) to remind her, and if she wants to confirm, she can do so on the app. She can also shop for retail and have it ready for her when she comes in for her appointment, and then checkout, purchase her retail and even tip her stylist on the phone, complete with suggested tip levels.


You know your holiday is going to be crazy busy, but it doesn’t have to make you crazy. With SalonBiz, you can prepare for the onslaught by lessening stress points and giving your guests all the opportunities to book and buy on their terms. We’ve spent 2018 making it easier for you and easier for them, so everyone can have their best holiday season ever!

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