Stylist App Updates – By Popular Demand!

The latest update to the SalonBiz Stylist App gives service staff the power to modify and approve client tickets before self-checkout!



What you see

When you are logged into the Stylist App, you have the ability to add any additional services to the client’s ticket after the consultation.

Once you have added everything onto the ticket and are ready to approve check out, tap the appointment and then tap Allow Self Check-Out. This releases the ticket and let’s Pocket Salon know that the client is ok to check out.


You do not need to download Pocket Salon to Ok the tickets!






Of course, the Stylist App will keep you updated on any Pocket Salon activity from your client with notifications straight to your phone.











What your client will see

When your client attempts to check out before you’ve released the ticket, they will get a notification in Pocket Salon that the ticket is not ready.










Company administrators make all of this work, by going to the Pocket Admin settings (under Online Booking) and check the box to Require staff to ok ticket for self checkout.

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