Showing the ease of check in through mobile devices

We LOVE hearing a good success story so when we heard the team at Montage Salons and Barber Shop were improving their guest experience using the new self check-in kiosk we had to get the details! 

The self-checkin kiosk feature for the SalonBiz iPad app, allows clients to skip the front desk and check themselves in (think of your best airport experience). There’s no line, no waiting and when the client checks in, your staff receives a notification via the Stylist App, so there’s no chasing — providing a seamless visit and improving the overall guest experience.



Setup was super easy! Once they heard about the new feature they immediately went into SalonBiz Central to check out the settings. They were able to customize their kiosk and learn to use it in no time.

Click here to see the setup steps




Their words, promise! The self check-in kiosk has been so incredibly helpful to the Montage team. It really took the pressure off of their guest care staff allowing them to focus on pre-booking, retail support and checkout. The whole team is really excited about the new option for guests.








We know implementing new tech can be hard, so we asked how the Montage guests were liking the kiosk and if they had any trouble getting traction. Smartly, they placed the kiosk in close proximity to the front desk with a nice directional sign (recycled from an old product launch) to give the guests a little nudge. Thanks to the new kiosk, there’s no longer any reason to waste time and make your guests wait in line just to let you know that they’re here.



If you need any help getting your kiosk up and running before the busy holiday season, give us a call (888.809.2802)!

Thank you Matthew and the Montage Team for your hard work and dedication to customer care and making everything beautiful!