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How to Score More Online Bookings for Your Salon 

Running a successful salon business in today’s digital age requires more than just exceptional hairstyling or beauty treatments. It also requires making your guest’s experience as convenient and easy as possible, starting from the moment they want to book.  

Online booking is a must-have for the modern beauty salon. It makes your job easier. Your clients want it. And it makes your salon more profitable. 

So, once you have an online salon booking system, how do you get your guests to use it? Don’t worry, we have you covered. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore effective strategies to help you increase online bookings and reap the benefits they bring. 

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Choose a Reliable Online Booking System 

If you want your clients to book appointments online, you need salon online booking software that makes it quick and straightforward for them. It should also be easy for your staff to manage salon scheduling with the tool you choose. 

Consider looking for extra features that set you up for success with online booking too.  

For example, 62% of appointment no-shows happen because the client simply forgot about it. A salon online booking app with automatic appointment reminders can solve this problem, help drastically reduce no-shows, and save your team time and money.   

Integrate Your Online Booking System into Your Website 

Once you’re set up with a great online salon booking system, you must integrate it into your website. This allows customers to book appointments directly through your site, rather than a third-party link.  

Provide clear instructions on your website for how clients can book a salon appointment online. And ensure that the booking interface is prominently displayed and easily accessible from any page.  

By making online appointment booking a direct part of your site, you eliminate any potential confusion or obstacles that may deter clients from booking. Plus, you make your guests’ salon experience more seamless and consistent by keeping them under your brand umbrella every step of the way. 

Spread the Word About Online Booking 

According to a survey by GetApp, nearly 70% of respondents prefer to book their appointments online. With that fact in mind, it’s safe to say that if your online bookings are lagging, it’s probably because people just don’t know they have the option. 

Make it a point to tell guests in your chairs, at your front desk, on the phone, on your email list, and anywhere else you communicate with them that your salon offers online appointment booking. Chances are that once they know about it, clients will jump at the ability to book their next service online. 

Here are a few other easy ideas for spreading awareness about your online salon booking system:

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Everybody loves a good deal or exclusive offer, and your clients are no exception. Encourage more online bookings by providing enticing incentives that make booking through your website even more appealing. 


Set up a points-based rewards program that allows clients to earn points when they book appointments online. This not only incentivizes clients to choose the online booking option but also rewards their loyalty and encourages repeat bookings.  

Once clients earn enough points, offer them various add-on services or retail products to choose from to spend them on. The key is to create a sense of value and exclusivity that drives clients to choose your salon over others and choose the online booking process over other methods. 


Word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful marketing tools. In fact, word-of-mouth marketing generates five times more sales than paid ads. 

So, a great way to boost online bookings is to implement a referral program that encourages your existing clients to refer their friends and family to your beauty salon.  

A rewards program is another great incentive to tie in for online booking referrals. You can allow guests to earn points for referring someone and give the newly referred clients points for booking their first appointment online. 

This not only helps attract new clients but also strengthens the bond with your existing clients by rewarding them for their loyalty and advocacy. 

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Boost Online Bookings with SalonBiz Salon Software 

As your 24/7 virtual receptionist, the newly upgraded SalonBiz online booking tool lets your clients book appointments seamlessly while you focus on leveling up your salon business.

Book a SalonBiz demo or contact our team to upgrade your existing SalonBiz salon software and make waking up with a full appointment book your new reality! 

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