Leverage the Power of Customer Reviews

Taking your salon business to the next level is actually easier than you think – especially with the new feedback and reviews feature in the Communications Suite.

It’s designed to leverage the power of your unique customer reviews, and turn that insight into a one-of-a-kind business tool. In other words, the feedback and reviews feature helps you connect with customers quickly and easily in a non-intrusive way. This helps build relationships while collecting relevant data to help grow your salon traffic organically.

How Does it Work?

Feedback and reviews is based on a simple methodology created from a decade-long research study by Listen360, focused on determining key drivers for growth and profits in a rapidly growing company. The study revealed the best predictor of growth was the power of a loyal fan base, and how strong that fan base was for a specific company.

These results inspired Listen360 to define what specific elements make a loyal customer, and how that tied into a customer’s likelihood to recommend a product or service – a key factor in overall loyalty. To determine the exact aspects of customer loyalty, they created the “ultimate question”. This basic two-part question methodology is used to gather feedback from salon customers.

It turns out the ultimate question is in two parts:

  • How would you rate this service?
  • How likely are you to recommend us to someone else? This second question provides a section to list a reason behind your recommendation.

These simple, yet powerful questions provide insight on whether a guest will share information that helps attract other customers to your business, or potentially drive away business. The questions can be worded in a way that highlights a specific aspect of your salon such as staff, products, overall service, etc. The wording can also be changed up within this general format.

Why the Feedback and Reviews Feature is so Effective

What makes these questions even more powerful is how they are used. When sent within 24 hours of a service, your salon creates a reason to reach out to a client and demonstrate an interest in the quality of the salon experience. At the same time, you are able to get on top of negative feedback quickly and address any guest frustrations or disappointments, which helps build positive community relations.

The most powerful aspect of Listen360’s feedback and reviews element is in drilling down to separate the people who are simply satisfied with their experience, but may be lured away by a competitor, from the truly loyal customers who refer others.

This is where salons can really grow organically from their current customer base and potentially sway undecided clients. Salon owners can also use it to create reports to see emerging business trends, then leverage them to swing undecided clients on the “loyalty” scale.

More importantly, the feedback and reviews feature helps with overall quality control, especially when a salon owner operates more than one location. Insight from the feedback reports can reveal where to focus specific improvement efforts across each location. The simple feedback survey also allows customers to provide honest feedback without feeling like they need to “confront” a salon owner or manager personally – something that can deter clients from being honest.

The insights salon owners can gather from this new feature offers a simple, effective way to build customers organically directly within the Communications Suite in SalonBiz. What better way to connect with customers and turn them into a loyal fanbase!

To learn more about feedback and reviews, schedule a demo.

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